What Is Taken In Hand ?

"Taken In Hand" “ is consciously and consensually male controlled sexually exclusive monogamous relationship in which the man’s power is real and for the purpose of cultivating a deeply connected, fully engaged relationship. How the man expresses his dominance is an individual matter but it’s for the benefit of the relationship rather than being purely self-serving. The man protects and cherishes the woman he leads. The woman responds positively to her man’s control.The roles I am talking about are a dominant male (he-wolf or alpha male) and submissive female.I prefer a “tih” for a number of reasons, the first of which is that it creates a male female dynamic I identify with. It is a simple conflict resolution structure, and enhances the sexual dynamics within the relationship.

Tih" relationships tend to have a more active sex life since the pace is set by the man and men tend to think of and engage in sex more often than women. Submissive partners do have to adjust to the frequency of sex, as well the spontaneity of it. I know many "tih" women who say their husbands want sex at the strangest times: after repairing something, whenever she's cooking, if she wears skirts, after playing basketball, etc. But most of the women say that their sex drive has increased to match their mates. There is something arousing about him wanting you and yielding to him. For some the dominance itself is a turn on when he is intimidating you're reminded of his manhood: if when he kisses he pins you to a wall, or carries you off to the bedroom, or kisses you in the middle of a disagreement
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

None of that has any scientific, factual or valid basis. Yawn.

This lifestyle isn't for everyone.
I find that when my husband is demanding or controlling, I am turned off not on. I don't see power or sexiness in this type of man. I more or less feel a deep disdain and am sexually repulsed by this type.
I much prefer a gentle man whom is quietly confident and whom seeks to cooperate with me.
We are all different though and some women do seem to enjoy this dominant kind of male, go figure.