I Would Be a Pathetic Doormat.

Alright.  I certainly respect every woman's (and man's) right to live however the hell they see fit, to each his/her own and all that...but I have an opinion on absolutely everything.  A strong opinion.  I even have an opinion on which order the dishes should enter the dishwasher (but this may be OCD).  Often, I find that my opinions differ greatly from my dear husband's; and more often than not, this causes some amount of "friction".  (In one instance, my insistence that Super Mario Bros 3 was a vastly superior game to Tiger Woods 2005 resulted in very heated argument)

I can imagine that on some level, bowing to his whims and desires without thought would make life easier between us, so I suppose I can see the allure there. 

But even with all my self-loathing, I'm a bit arrogant in regards to my intellect, and I've always had a problem with authority figures. Submission is not for women like me.

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I couldn't agree more. I have a ton to say on this but it would be a book. :) I agree with supportive, not submissive.

sad thing is ... if those 'submissive wives' understood the TRUE meaning of what is written in the Bible ... their lives would be much different. the way they live is not what God intended for them ... not at all. and i like you, busybee and natlynn, i have a need to express myself freely without fear of persecution from the one whom is supposed to love me above all other humans. this doesn't mean i force my opinions on them but just to know they are listened to with respect and considered as well as being, in some way, utilized when pursuing that sometimes elusive mutually beneficial compromise is good enough for me. i think that's equality, freedom and in and of itself is submissive as long as you give as much as you take. the whole 'submissive' thing in the Bible is in essence telling women to be supportive of their husbands, be their cheerleaders so to speak but in many places it tells us that we are also not to be abused, etc. etc. etc. and it's quite clear as well as detailed about what is and is NOT acceptable. so ... these women who are 'submissive' in what the church perceives is the biblical sense ... utterly sad.

Good for you! Women in general are more strong-minded today. That's why I was surprised to run across that group of submissive wives on here. The stories are quite interesting but in kind of a sad way.