I've Accepted That I'm Different And Now I'm At Peace

Everyone wants to be accepted by society. No one is happy when you stick out like a swollen and sore thumb and as a result you get teased labeled and pushed into a corner socially and left there to be all alone.It use to bother me when I got slapped with that dreadful title" weird and strange". I would spend hours wondering why I was being called that, I would even lose sleep over this non acceptance.Now what was I doing wrong? Gee! just imagine not being loved and cuddled by the "mass sheep herd". This went on and on until my Mid-life began something started to slowly awaken inside a realization that being considered weird, knocked, strange and different might not be a bad state of being to exist in. I begin to look at I how live and react to the world around me. First from the time I was a tiny girl I have loved nature I thrilled at each sunrise and sunset and that wonderful feeling I got on a clear night when  I looked up and saw millions and millions of stars hanging in the night's sable sky. Now that I have entered middle age I know why God embedded this loving attraction of nature inside of me it was given to me to cope with the trials of life, it made my mind flexible enough to bend with life's stresses and strain when my life's problem threw me in a dark valley of despair instead of reaching for drugs or alcohol I would take walk outside and absorb the world around me the sky, the clouds, the rain and  the sun and  living by one of the Great Lakes was a big plus during my saddest hours of life I would walk the shores of Lake Michigan and the sounds of the waves and the sight of the seagulls soaring above would help to uplift me and I sometimes I could even feel an invisible presence of a being that would let me know to keep going and in the end everything would take a turn for the better. It's wonderful to be different you  are constructed emotionally  to cope with reality and if you take time to observe and study men and women who poke fun of other people they don't understand and label kooks and weird sometimes  they aren't doing too great themselves, their lives are tangled emotional webs they can't escape from and they have drug and addiction problems themselves. Yet they live by the "copper rule" EVERYBODY'S WEIRD BUT ME! AND REMEMBER all of us weirdos are also in good company some of the most famous people in history have been considered nut jobs, The great English poet Percy Shelly during his childhood was so misunderstood by his classmates and child peers he was teased and labeled the nickname Mad Shelly" and  kids would throw mud balls at him. He may have been emotionally bruised by all of this but being a weirdo certainly worked in his favor later in life since he became of of the greatest poets in human history. I have my on theories about him also all that brutal teasing my have played an enormous role in shaping him as a outstanding author of poems SO WATCH OUT DWELLERS OF THE MASS  SHEEP HERD! WATCH HOW YOU TEASE SO CALLED" KOOKS" SOMETIMES ALL THAT CRUEL BEHAVIOR YOU DISH OUT TO SOMEONE YOU THINK IS REALLY ODD AND DIFFERENT IS NOT HOLDING THEM DOWN YOUR MEAN ACTIONS TO LIKE ADDING FUEL TO ROCKET THAT IS ABOUT BLAST OFF.So my friends don't be sad to be called different be proud very proud!
orionnights orionnights
51-55, F
Jan 8, 2013