Different Moods For Every Day Of The Week

As all of you may already know that Mondays are the worst day of the week, unless you are on vacation or a holiday falls on it, other than that its the worst day. Now Tuesdays are really busy everyone running around like chickens with there heads cut off.No time for a sip of coffee, everyone wants you all at once to help with who knows what. By the time you get to look at the time clock you realized you stayed one minute too long lol. Wednesday is a very different day, you are over the hump so to speak, you have paid your dues on Mon and Tue, so now you are feeling that the last two days are around the corner and you are some what OK with it. Thursday comes and you know it won't be long now, you have a dance in your step and you run around smiling and helping others get through there day, perhqps you will want an extra 10 minutes added to your lunch hour, not a bad Idea you think. You come back from lunch and you feel full fro that great lunch with that added 10 minutes there is nothing like it. You go back to work and you feel like you can rule the world minus the indigestion and that one too many um mm sodas? Doest't mate-tr you are happy your friends are happy and you know that Friday is only less than 12 hours away and you know this is a chapter where you just want to run out without opening the door and leaving a gaping hole in it with your figure shape. Now he res Friday !!!! ya its Friday and yo are whistling that tune you heard n the radio and you walk inside, you go to your area where you work and you just know that no matter what happens you are going to make it a good day because the next two days is all yours and no one Else's, you begin to think about what you are going to do on a Friday night with your friends, perhaps go to a bar or hey maybe that movie you saw advertised. You have plenty of time to decide, So nearing the end of the day you sit there and the second hand looks at you as if its just down right cruel because that second hand just lumbers along teasing you looking as if it just clicked back wars lol soon its one minute left and you get up and you are getting your things together and you push your chair in,put things inside your top drawer and you turn and start to head for the time clock when suddenly your boss calls you and asks if you can stay an extra 2 hours to do an important project that so happens it needs to go out tomorrow lol JK bet that made you cringe lol Where was I? Oh yeah so you head fore the clock and its clicks!!!!! TIME TO LEAVE you are thinking I made it, so you punch that clock as if you are shaking its hand and saying thanks, you walk out the door and guess what? Did you remember that there is going to be a traffic jamb? everyone going in the same direction the same place and you know you just got to get home and shower and get changed because you are meeting friends, you make it home and you rush inside kicking off your shoes, getting out of your work clothes and you jump i the shower whistling like the pie piper and you jump out grabbing the towel on the way and you dry and get dressed in your Fridays best, yo want to look good so you get the best, putting on that perfume or col lounge and you head out for the night to meet friends. Saturday rolls around the sun is shining and you get up hanging onto your head wishing you could put away for the day. The shade springs up and the sun smacks you in the face and you squint, you are not liking this because you can hear snails crawl and all you want to do is go def so your head doesn't't explode, you rummage in the medicine cabinet for even one aspirin just so you can function. You just need to come out of this haze Just enough to make some coffee and you need to run out and do some errands. Sunday, now this day is one of the best, do you know why? its a do nothing day, you have your morning coffee and you have that Sunday addition which is heavier than a bomber of a car and by the time you take all the adds out it is shrunken down to a few pages, you wonder why did I pay $3.00 for adds? well you forget about it and you sit in your easy chair and you are sipping the coffee and reading the sports or maybe the entertainment section, you know that no matter what you do today it is effortless, then you hear a knock on the door and you get up and open it, guess who is at the door? MONDAY !!!!!!

Enjoy your Weekends.

Tell me about your typical weekend plans
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3 Responses Sep 15, 2010

two persons replace my absence on weekdays: my mom and the nanny<br />
<br />
yes it's so hard to be away from them..never been parted from them like this ever before..well, at least we're coping for more than a month now. ...separation anxiety is my worst enemy but have to deal with it...it's a labor of love

who stays with the children while you are away in the city? that has to be a huge undertaking for you to leave for the week away form your children

my typical weekend is a routine,,.I travel 3-4hours after I left the office here in the city to be in the countryside and be with my kids on weekends...I"ll treat them out, buy the things they need, do groceries and stuff the fridge with food for the weekdays while am away so they won't starve. I clean the house, go through their books and teach them their lessons. Then I wake up the following morning it's already Sunday, will go to church and after lunch I'll be back to the city so I won't rush on Monday coz I have to prepare my things for work...Tiring but it's a mother's role I have to perform or else am a failure.