Easter Island Giants

Amazing archaeoligical long awaited find. Those big stone heads on Easter Island have equally big long bodies!

  The quetion now in my mind is, how did the soil silt and rubble get to bury them to such a depth.
                                                                                             I think that this was a result of the earthwide flood of Noahs day.

A little known fact about Easter Island is that besides the well known statues there are also Giant cut and placed megalithic blocks which were {in my opinion} from a much earlier period in their history.
                                 We are to believe that these people spent all their time carving, cutting and moving giant statues and blocks, yet lived in Huts and later in Caves when a civil war broke out between the islands original "Two different Types" of peoples. {Think about that one for a second} What if those early historically known islanders came across a few older statues perched on some of those possibly prehistoric blocks and emulated what they came across and started carving their own? There does seem to be a much larger percentage of lower quality smaller statues from a much more recent period.   What if the later historically known Polynesian Sailors came across a remnant population of a much older sea fairing race who most of them went on to South America whose descendants left their mark in places such as Machu Pichu etc. {Which when asked by the Spanish if they, the Incas built them. The Incas would laugh and state very clearly that they were from a period ancient even to them.}   During the iceage period sea levels were much lower and Easter Island would of been the highest hill/mountain around.
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I was thinking that the over sized stones standing there for god only knows how many decades, after a while the dirt shifts and piles on......<br />
<br />
that at one point the statues where ground level and got buried with time etc.....

Yeah i always wonder about accumilated landmass around historical finds. Quite often i feel that is more interesting a subject than that of the find. Its never delved into from what ive found so far.

In that pic above, thats one hell of a lot of earth that the stone structure is covered with. If that had gotten there by mere land subsidance, surely the monument would have been toppled.

yea, if ur saying it toppled down into the hill side or.......toppled down from the hill top into a hole...yes the statue would of been ( i think ) broke in different sections? by a land slide maybe? are there earth q/ there? like here in calif?

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