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To whom it may concern,
The Ocean X team have been in the international news for the past year since their discovery of a
sensational object in the Baltic Sea.
The team's primary goal is to search and recover historical
artifacts from sunken wrecks. To this end they have had
many a successful expeditions and have recovered many
valuable objects. They have recently discovered several
shipwrecks, some of which they have not yet dived at,
which could contain treasures worth several $100 million.
As they were returning from a wreck hunting expedition in June of 2011, the team discovered an
extraordinary image on their sonar screen. It was an object the size of a Boeing 747, 60 meters in
diameter, and perfectly circular in shape. They were surprised, they had never seen anything like
it before in their 18 years of diving experience.
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Dennis Åsberg & Peter Lindberg, Oxean X Team
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Get in behind them in finding the needed finacial support to investigate this for us all.
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Sep 14, 2012