I Dont Know Why

Hi Guys,

In the past, i never had problems with my boyfriends cheating on me with guys but if it were girls i would have been angry. Probably because i was at a party this 1 night and my boyfriend was with me. We were kind of wasted and my 1 guy friend told me that my boyfriend is cute (i knew my friend was gay) and i just said thanx. Then he asked me if he could take my boyfriend around the corner to have some fun and i agreed but i first had to make sure by my boyfriend if he was ok with it and suprisingly he was. My friend didnt wanna do it infront of me thats why they went outside. When they came back we all made as if nothing happened. But not for one second did i doubt that it would be over between us.  And it wasnt.
After all, i was the one who hooked them up.lol that was about for years ago. lol. and i havent seen him for about 2 years now. both of them for that matter.

Thanx for reading.
tracili tracili
22-25, F
Aug 13, 2010