Morrison was really on to something with the self-interview concept (published in "Wilderness").  I'm surprised it never caught on.  Today would be a good day for this concept to take fire, with the online technology available to us, everyone seems to have a podcast or some type of internet radio show.  It would be awesome if the would-be broadcasters would just interview themselves (Aeolus Kephas has kind of done this on Stormy Weather).  Many of these folks (Kephas and Joe Montaldo, just to name a few) are often more interesting, and definitely better spoken, than their guests.  How 'bout it podcasters?  Break on thru!


BTW, I used to tell folks that when I grew up I wanted to look like the old, fat Jim Morrison, but the problem was, he never got old (though he did get fat).  I've already outlived him by several years, and I never got into heroin.  The one time I tried it, it put me to sleep within seven minutes and I didn't wake up until noon the following day! 


And, I wouldn't want to be buried anywhere near Balzac.  Truth, I wouldn't even want to be buried!  Ah, how s-of-c this has all become. 

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I am not familiar with his self interview concept but I love his music.

It's a shame he died so early.

If people took the time to read his lyrics that would realize how deep he was.

haha, i've never heard of this self interview. But frankly, humans are too stupid to pick up on something good and continue with it. <br />
<br />
So was he literally interviewing himself? like asking himself questions? sounds like an awesome recording of a loon if that's what he did.