Mr. James Marshall Hendrix~

Few musicians...people even, have made me sit up & take immediate notice of them. From a VERY young age, I was blown away by Jimi Hendrix!

Hendrix was more than just a guitar player, he was more than just an artist...he was a great human being who, AMAZINGLY, was greatly misunderstood by a majority of the public.

Some found him to be totally insane because of his fashion sense, how he spoke, how he wore his hair...& of course, how he played the guitar.

While others thought of him as simply, out-of-sight!

Me personally, I think of him as an immortal...who unfortunately, was born human. His creativity, his imagination, was truly extrodinary...even otherwordly. Now I know there are those out there who may not be HUGE Hendrix fans or not Hendrix fans at all, who'll read what i've posted here, and simply just dismiss what i'm saying as dogmatic hogwash...

...hahahaha. It's all good if you think that way. I don't hate you if you have those thoughts while reading this.

I guess the reason why I started this group, was because I feel that much of todays world, don't have a clue who Jimi Hendrix was & what he was all about.

I'm taking it upon myself to educate the masses. Masses who are interested in learning about who I & many others hail as the greatist guitar player of all time.

I'll keep adding stuff to this group as time goes on.

As for now, let's just talk about Jimi

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Awww! Thank you ;-) *blushing*<br />
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Hendrix is VERY important to me! So i'm always praising him & letting everybody know how great I think he was & still is lol<br />
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B.B. King is out-of-sight as well! <br />
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I'm happy to know I made you smile :-) Hope you like the pictures & video's i've added to this group~

just read your profile and know you are listening to b.b. as we speak. to hear you extol Hendrix so eloquently just made me smile. You my friend have taste.

~*GrOoVy*~<br />
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Cool! You know, I posted several video's of Hendrix in concert in the video's & pictures section of this group. Check em out!<br />
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Right on! I love his blues songs! Red House is my absolute favorite :-)

I agree :-)<br />
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I'm listening to one of his classics songs right now. "Spanish Castle Magic"<br />
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~*LoVe*~ that song!

To backjacktaketwo: <br />
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Yeah I totally agree! I ~*LoVe*~ finding rare footage of him in concert. He was incredible :-)<br />
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To underneath:<br />
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Anytime :-) If you wish to know more about him, just ask~

Thanx for educating me. :)