Never Realesed Albam of Jimi Hendrix

if you know jimi Hendrix then you will remember the day when he was going to release one of his new records when the police came in and smashed them all to piece's so no one could get one luckily my buddies mom had a friend who worked at the record store and gave her the only one that he could save tell me if anyone knows how much that thing could be worth now.

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The First time I heard Jimi, I was 14 years old, and I worked for a stingy old man, who owned a shop; and I delivered groceries for him.<br />
I was out riding the bike one day and someone was playing "Purple Haze" at Full blast ! Wow ! ! ................ :)<br />
- I was 'hooked'................... :)<br />

That's cool man! :-)<br />
<br />
What's the name of the band?

What a story man! Thanks for sharing :-) That album could be worth a fortune now! I'll keep my senses sharp & my eyes, wide open for that album...if it ever surfaces~