His Influence Reaches So Far.

The first time I ever heard Jimi Hendrix I knew that he was special.  I am to young to have seen him live but thanks to books,video and the large catalog of music he left.  I have had a chance to learn about him.  His influence has reached so many well known and not so well know artists. If any one ever wonders how great he really was all they have to do is listen to his work.  If that doesn't do it then just listen to what so many great musician since have to say about him.  As a guitarist trying to copy his style has led to many frustrating hours in front of an amplifier.  The little gems that come from it are so worth the effort.  The world of music is so much greater because of Jimi.  

lycralady lycralady
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1 Response Mar 1, 2010

He lived in some interesting times