Favourite Song Of His

I am not a big fan,but there are a few songs of his i like.

My favourite is either:



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I forgot Crowded House,one of my favourite bands,and either them or Tom Petty & Heartbreakers for favourite of all time outside of UK.

Tori Amos is my favourite female singer.
I regretted missing her concert in Manchester on the scarlets walk tour.
Other music is: The Beatles (together & Solo),Paul Simon/Simon & Garfunkel,Bob Dylan,
Donovan,Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam),Tom Petty & The Heartbeakers,
Travis (Scottish Indie group),Kate Bush,Early Radiohead (I don't like there recent work),
Mike Oldfield,John Denver,E.L.O.,Peter Gabriel,Bob Marley,early UB40,U2, etc etc etc
I am having to use library due to me having computer problems,which i hope to resolve in a couple of days.

I recently bought his greatest hits, and almost saw him play overseas in europe he, he tours their alot. My fav is Tower of Song, Marianne, Sisters of Mercy and the one where he says, 'And I'll dance with you in Vienna'. forgotten the title. He's great to listen to when you feel a little over things....

My ex-partner is a big fan of Leonard Cohen.I did eventually start checking his cd's late at night on the headphones,which is best for his songs.She had the full collection,which i now have converted to mp3.She is a big Leonard C and Tori Amos fan.So i also got to like Tori Amos as well.Just wandered,since you have Tori as your name,are you a big Tori fan as well? She is my favourite female singer.I reckognised that line you mentioned,but since i have'nt put all my favourite music back in pc,i can't check the songs i suspect that is from.I also like the songs you mentioned.

Actually I am a big fan, saw her play in Melbourne years ago. She was amazing, her flaming red hair flowing while she sang her heart out, and playing on the piano.It was fantastic. I loved her song, China, and the song she sings about her dad, seriously, memory not as good as it use to be. Your ex has good taste in music. Hope thats ok to say. What other artists do you listen to?