New Friends Always A Treat

I find it pretty easy to meet new people - I dont generally feel shy or nervous around new groups. Im a talker and I hope a good listener so small talk comes more or less naturally. Im often the friend who gets invited to the family function or the party at a friend of a friends because my friends know I wont get shy or upset and need looking after if they go off and socialise with others. Iv often been told by friends that their friends loved meeting me - which has to make you feel good :)

I didnt always feel comfortable - I just got thrown into new situations alot and got used to it - and sometimes of course, I can feel a bit out of place but a glass of wine usually solves that! :)

I like the way a new person opens new doors, new ideas - it keeps things fresh and interesting. I especially like when you realise a new friend, is now an old friend, and a friend for life - I think I like that the best :)
jellibeanz jellibeanz
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1 Response Jul 22, 2010

I used to feel that way about people.. it was several years ago. I was open to new people, and I really listened to what they had to say and learned about who they were. It didn't take long for me to realize that people from my own culture really didn't have anything to offer/challenge me. Most of the time, *more* than a glass of wine would allow me to accept and often enjoy this. When I traveled, and switched to 'new' cultures, I found that basically everyone was for the most part the same. Not the same like they had the same values, ideals, beliefs, but that they all fit into certain categories very easily. I find negative connotations with that, but it would be better for the world if more people realized that they have so much in common, across borders and religions. Odd to admit it, but.. I like people who can 'work the crowd' such as yourself. I like 'people persons', but I don't like the idea of it. A dumb contradiction. I must have psychological problems.