I Am a Demon and I Love Rock and Roll!

If you understand that title reference, then you probably love and understand underground rock and roll like I do.

I think I got addicted to Rock and Roll as a youngster in 1986 when the tv show Crime Story used Del Shannon's song 'Runaway' as the theme song. It's the first song I can recall really being stuck in my head. Since then I've been searching for and discovering all sorts of Rock and Roll. I've even worked in the music industry a bit in various capacities. I still pretty much live for Rock and Roll - it fuels my life.
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2008

Way over yonder in the minor key, eh?<br />
I remember learning about minor keys in high school jazz band. They have a very nice feel to them. Good stuff, indeed!

Love that 'runaway' song...mmmm minor chords...even my swing songs have minor chords 'cause <br />
minor chords are delicious!<br />
<br />
'Hail, Hail rock and roll!! ;>