I Wouldn't Want To Be Any Other Sign

Come back here! Don't run away! Scorpios are often feared, but only because we are misunderstood. Those of us who have grown out of the heartless " revenge " stage that we are known for, can be real.... Well, we have learned to play nice. Only Low level Scorps practice the lesser qualities of the sign.

My birthday falls within the week of the " Scorpio of Scorpios ." I am the most scorpiolicious of the lot. HOWEVER! My moon and rising are wuss signs, tempering my profundity.

Come on now, I deserve a chance. Scratch my back and I'll scratch your.... Well, I'll scratch anything you want.
Come back here! Was it something I said?
Kathieredart Kathieredart
56-60, F
3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

You might be a Scorpio, but I'm not afraid of your sting at all! You know I'll always dig you babydoll!

You need not fear at ALL! You know that by now... We are going steady in the friendship department...
Please accept this ring..... Lol

Thank you baby! I got one for you too...wanna hold out a toe for meh?

Hahahaha ... We are dorks. We are lucky to have any friends at all... But the jealous ones just block us! BAhahahaha.

But we're HAPPY dorks! :)

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I am a pisces. I would never ever mess with a scorpio woman! Lol

Haha.... For your information: Pisces is also a water sign. Pisces and Scorpio people naturally do very well together. :-)

What is it about you S.C.'s...how did I end up with at least 2 in my circle...I even almost married one a thousand years ago. Why are 3 of my 4 3D female friends S.C.'s? Just found out a few days ago about one of my EP friends, just found out today about you.
(Scratches head)

For the most part we are NEVER boring! .... It was meant to be.... Hahaha

That be fer damn sure! Y'll keep us mortals on our toes!