Mayo Mixed With Ketchup

I love it! It's my favorite french fries dip. Mmmm makes me crave for french fries right now :p~

anschel anschel 22-25, F 4 Responses Jan 22, 2009

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@blueeyes, thanks! I'll try that some time. :D

@Coyotegray, nope I'm not Belgian. I just love eating fries with that dip. Mmmm! ^^

@lostntime, oooh interesting mix hehe! but I don't like mustard that much. :x

@teddypompompom, :D yep ketchup and mayo anywhere yummy lol.

I love mayo and ketchup I have It on sausage sandwiches thats really nice ! and fries/chips

: )

Ketchup, mustard and mayo with a shot of hot sauce for me. Love those condiments!

I like it too. Ranch is good too if you run out of mayo.....