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I Wear Directoire Knickers Every Day.

My Granny always wore Directoire knickers with her corsets and I guess that it is inevitable that I should love that style too. There were always some of granny's knickers in the wash each week and most of hers were pink. I do remembers a couple of pairs of pale green DKs but I know she did not wear them very often. When I got caught with Granny's old corsets and it was decided that I should be 'put into corsets' directoire knickers became part of my every day dress, of course I loved them and even now the exciting feeling of elastic around my legs is such a wonderful experience and I feel undressed without them.
Isobelle2 Isobelle2 70+, M 15 Responses Jan 6, 2013

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Directoire Knickers are wonderful as they are so roomy.

One of my first sightings of Directoire Knickers was on my neighbours clothes line on wash days ,I was about 10 at the time and I used to love seeing them in windy weather being blown about ,they were usually either peach or pink ,
I love these colours ,I am writing this wearing a favourite peach pair'
Sadly my mother did not like directoires ,so I had to wait for a long time before I could experience the pleasure of wearing these gorgeous Knickers,

My first contact with such knickers was because of my grandmother as well. Since I would stay with her sometimes for several days and nights, I had many opportunities to explore her undies. Always loved the feeling on them on my upper legs.

I always enjoyed wearing my grandmothers undies. every thing. When I was alone I mean when I was up staires and she was down staires.:-)

White Directoire knickers, white bra and suspender belt. with a white petticoat, white blouse and a black skirt. Feeling so girly today - love it.

Sounds gorgeous to me ,but the best part are those lovely
Directoire Knickers ,being enclosed in silky directoires is heaven ,
Enjoy your day ,and enjoy wearing such lovely things ,

That is what I love most about wearing Directoires ,
the feel of those leg elastics tugging at your thighs ,
I first exprienced it as a young boy wearing my sisters
school knickers ,
I loved the sensation then, and I still do ,
that is why Directoires are still popular today ,

Hi mollissa. I\'m lisa54 and I agree I have always love knickers or bloomer. I have always loved the feel and the wormth in the winter under my skirts or dresses. :-)

Back in the 1930's and 40's school girls as well as mature women wore directory Knickers. Growing up in this time period set me off on a fetish I continue with today. Can't wait for colder weather??????

<p>Today I am simply wearing Pink DK's and as to confirm my girly status my wife tells me that I will not be allowed to have sex with her anymore.<br />
All she wants is me in DK's and then to bring me off by hand.

Hi Falklands. I'm sorry to hear your problem. My wife got a divorce from me cause of what I am. I hope you two can work it out. love ya lisa

Hi Falklands I add you to my friends list I hope you dont minde

Hi Lisa, its no problem really I just have to accept my wifes needs and have to forget about my needs.
She wants me as a sissy all the time and I have to do as she wants.

Yea try to compermise . I wish you both lots of luck togeather.:-)

Yep, we will always be together, me in my girly gear always ready and waiting for her to bring me off by hand but thinking of the things that we used to do.

Great. At least your not left high and dry like some leave you. Enjoy what you have. I envy you.

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Yes I suppose they thought by making you wear the knickers and corset ,that you were being punished,
How wrong could they be ,to a lover of knickers that was a treat,

Today, I have been wearing DK's, Stockings,a Bra, together with a petticoat and skirt.
Absolute heaven.

Am wearing white DK's with a matching white bra, feel so relaxrd.

I like to wear white under shear black with a black light to sexy

I wear DK's nearly everyday, usually white or pink - I prefer white.
The feeling of their softness and the elasticity on ones legs is incdedible.

Hi Falklands. Lisa54. I like my white short knicker when i'm under a black light wearing a black shear skirt or thin black dress I enjoy having fun. I also have a pair of pink ruffle bloomers.

Hi Lisa, where can I get Black DK's?
Am on a tight budget :(

Hi falkland. lisa. I'm not realy shure .I got mine from transformation.

Hi Isobelle2. I'm lisa54 and I enjoy my short ruffle bloomer. I have white and pink.I'm a cross dresser and have been all my life. I wear weman's clothes 24/7. I have no men's clothes.I hope we can be friends.

Hi Lisa,

I have added you to my circle, it's up to you now!

Hi Isobell2. Lisa. thank you for adding me to your circle. Right now I'm running around with only my blouse and panties I enjoy the comfort and freedom. I have bee realy enjoying chatting with the people at the UK. Love ya chat later.

i never try or wear DK,, imust try ones .. but i daily wear first tight panties and the second panties a little bigger and elastic to fix all what i dont like beetwen my legs and iam,,,,happy

You really should wear DK's, its an incredible feeling.

Try wearing DKs with the matching slip ,that is even nicer with the 2 layers of Mylesta so very silky and seductive

Love your story ,like you I do not feel dressed unless Ihave my directoire knickers on.

I wish that I had tried that ,I would have loved being given Directoire Knickers and a corset to wear every day It would have started me wearing knickers even earlier ,

I love wearing Directoire Knickers and wear them most days.

yes the are so very nice, I once saw them described as the Queen of all knickers. I think that they were right ,dont you