Yesterday At The Store.

A story is a story. Okay, let's begin. Once upon a time- yeah no. Yesterday I was with my friend Marissa. I was staying at her house for the day because she pretty much made me but I'm not complaining! So we were at her house, well, apartment and her mum decided that it was time to go get some food. She was at first going to but I kept pestering her to stay home and just let me and Marissa go to the store and buy food for din din. As we were buying the food, the cashier asked us if we had a good christmas. Of course Marissa responded like any normal person, "Yeah it was good." But oh no..... no not me. I wink at the cashier who is like in his 40's and ask him with a sexy face, "did you have a good New Years?" And he laughed nodding, knowing I made him feel awkward, I kept going. "Did you get the girls?" He just nodded again REFUSING to make eye contact with me, and my friend Marissa is freaking out. I wink at him again when he looks at me and ask, "Was she good?" He said yeah. My friend Marissa slaps my arm, i'm laughing, the people behind me are staring at me and i'm just standing there with that sexy face.
dirtintheground dirtintheground
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013