The Big *****

So I was cleaning up my son's room last night, collecting the Pokemon cards, stacking up the comic books, and tossing the clothes into the hamper. But then something caught my attention.

It was just a comic book that had been folded open to a page of artwork when he had lain on the floor reading. It was an older book from about 1974 that his uncle gave him, some books that had lain in the back of his closet since he was a kid.  Uncle Bill thought that he'd give it to my son to enjoy a couple of years ago in a stack of cast off books.

The story wasn't much, but I recognized the artwork as the same artist who had created Spider-Man in 1962, and apparently drew this short story as well. The whole comic book was about monsters and aliens, as I would learn. But for now, I just sat on his bed and flipped back a page to skim it myself.

The tale was about a prisoner who escapes on a rocket ship as a stowaway and then parachutes down to a dark planet that they are passing. The planet is deserted, no people, and not much life, though he finds amplifier tubes, pipes, mufflers, etc. He's excited when he realizes that though this planet is deserted...abandoned...devoid of life, there is one rocket ship still standing and he runs for it, to hitch a ride in it off the planet.

As he nears it, the rocket grows larger, and the escapee begins to realize that he has misidentified an alien life form for a rocket, and that it is coming to get him. That's the twist ending... that he's now fodder for this life-form that has eaten everything on the planet. Or so I thought.

That's when I saw the last panel.  I couldn't believe my eyes.

I went back and re-read the last page carefully, and I was sure that I was right, this was a kid's comic book.
But the image was a close-up of a big *****.  Not a child's scribble altering or adding to a female actual close-up professional drawing!

I looked back a few panels, and started to study them carefully.  The image was one of a rocket ship silhouette and as the viewer got closer, a hatch appears at the base, and in the sequence of panels, the support fins turn into short, turtle like legs, as the vertical creature waddles towards him.

(Frankly, I thought it looked more like a giant **** with two balls to either side in the next to last panel, but that wasn't really the intent.)

But it would be hard to miss the fact that in the last panel, with the legs spread wide, the gaping mouth certainly looks like a *****.... complete with lips, red interior and a gaping black hole.

Now I suspect that it's pretty hard to morph a rocket hatch into a  mouth without some conventions.... lips, teeth, tongue... but this basically had only the large hatch opening like a mouth, complete with lips that could be seen as vaginal lips, and the positioning between the short stubby legs either lends to the appearance that the ship is female. The ***** is threatening to swallow the pre-pubescent boy...a threatening image either way you look at it..

Alternatively, it could be a thick, stubby  black penis with a head that the man is recoiling from. Take a look a judge for yourself. I'll post a scan here for your review.

No matter how you interpret it, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't intended...but maybe it was.  After all, the promotional lettering at the bottom of the page promotes "Amazing Adult Fantasy"....the comic book that would introduce Spider-Man in the final issue...on sale when this story was originally written!

I don't know how many kids would catch the imagery, but I'm sure somebody has already...I couldn't be the first.

I was just shocked to see it in my face, when I wasn't in bed with my wife
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Nov 28, 2012