Routine Patrol

The sweat on my forehead was cold

I awoke to my LT's words of Routine Patrol

Going out again with two days to go,

going out on Routine Patol

I pray to my God and swear on my soul,

never again to go out on Routine Patrol.

Weapons to check equipment to load

here I go again on Routine Patrol.

Here I go with 2 days to go

Choppers hover out we go

hit the ground on Routine Patrol

Jungle heat, fear so cold

Here I go on Routine Patrol

Here I go with 2 days 2 go

I pray to my God and swear on my soul

never to go again on Routine Patrol

Humpin a Ruck no ride in a truck

Jungle Heat and Jungle Rot

Wits and Rifle is all I got

Routine Patrol Routine Patrol?

I pray to my God and I swear on my soul

to never again go on Routine Patrol

Something not right...stomach tightens up

hairs on my neck a knot in my gut

bullets tear and bullets rip

and on the way down I fire

from the hip

I look down and see the hole......

Now I know no more Routine Patrol.............

rebelkuz rebelkuz
51-55, M
Feb 14, 2010