If They're A Prince Or Princess, What Am I, A Frog?

I see the advertisements for those crazy shows on TV. Those girls look like shrunken Pamela Andersons! Who could do that?
When I was younger,  a boy in my class was in not a beauty pageant, but this thing called, 'Prince Charmingest'
He was arrogant, he was condescending and of all, a brat.
And I think those things are debasing and lower the confidence of people. Especially those with confidence issues.
They want to look like this or that, and that this or that is really hideous.
Men now expect woman to be thin as a rail and lacking flaws and woman expect either some skinny gangsta or playa or some man with huge pecks and arms. Well I'm self conscious because, yes I have muscle, but pecks? My pecks are a wreck, and I never show mine off. I am self conscious.
That boy tried to tear me down, told me I was ugly. I told him God made me the way I am and that's how I look, despite what he said.
God made him the way he is without some make-up woman touching blemishes. God saw me when I was unformed in my mother's womb, not when I was treating everyone like dirt. That boy didn't make it out to well. He now is in juvenile constantly for drugs and was arrested for perverising his sister.
I prefer to be what God made me, not what the world will make me.
underthescars underthescars
18-21, M
May 23, 2012