It's Actually Sad.

Until my daughter can actually speak to me and say, "Mommy I want to do that", I will not enroll her in pageants.  It is not fair to the child.  I see these pageantry shows and its ridiculous how the mothers push and push their children, making little girls wear ten tons of makeup and fake eyelashes and all.

If my daughter gets old enough to say she wants to, then I'll be behind her 100%, and I certainly won't force her to stay in if she doesn't want to.  But I won't have an infant or toddler in pageants.

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Not to mention that it learns the child how only looks matter. No wonder how some grow up to be shallow idiots.

The idea of it makes me so angry I can hardly write about it! Little ones being treated like ob<x>jects, being trained at such a tender age to expect this intense level of scrutiny and superficial judgment that has to affect many of them deeply in a negative way, whether it is that they are unworthy unless judged "perfect" on a superficial level or learning to accept that superficiality is the only measure of a person that matters. As though all the rest of the judgmental, condemning and insanely unhealthy stereotypical definitions of womanhood that our culture has spewed forth aren't enough to lead to the eating disorders and anxieties that already plague our young people. Any parent who would do this to their child has a skewed definition of love.

Yeah, thats the show I saw.<br />
I also saw "Little miss perfect"<br />
Which is another version of that.

The kids actually look fake, like mannequins!