It's Child Abuse

Trying to make your daughter a phony stupid beautiful shell is child abuse. I have seen some of the pageants and the contestants, it made me really angry.

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Guys what do you think the Psychological effects on parents entering their children into beauty pageants? I would LOVE to ask a psychologist and sociologist about it because it's just absolutely fascinating why parents enter them into such cut throat competitions. <br />
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Do you guys personally know of any parents who have entered their children into one?

Couldn't agree more! But I guess it is an opininated thing!

@ Barrow hunny: well spoken; thanks for the great comment

Its sick and wrong what they do with their kids..ive watched a couple of the pageant programmes and the kids are just miserable and when they dont win they think its because their not beautiful. the parents dont give a toss they make their children look like orange dolls and a shell of what a child should be. There are some natural pageants that happen where they ba<x>se the competition on talent and costumes and have age limitations but even then i think it gives children a distorted view on what they should be. Look at what happened to that little American pageant queen jonbenet? she was kidnapped by a peado and killed. you make your child look older and slap them in make up there could be serious consequences but obviously these apparent mothers think its ok to parade a 4 year old covered in tan and make up around a stage telling her to "shake her butt" in a skimpy bikini...They need a slap and half!!

@ Paco: well spoken, I agree with every word you said

I agree to the extent pageants as such, send the wrong message to young people. They reinforce the commercialized worlds distorted view; a large part of the population lives with day in and day out. The same reinforcements bring young people to feel they must fit a certain mold. Distortion of ones self image is manifested in outlets such as bulemia, anorexia, suicide and other complications. Subtle brainwashing by commercialized entities which affect parents, their children and their children's children. <br />
It is wrong, borders on criminal and as other human factors will continue as long as the general population allows. Its the flip side to freedom of speech, a democracy and a capitalistic society. Nothing is perfect. <br />

@ maktub: well spoken<br />
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my daughter is 7 now, but I never used makeup on her.<br />
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Letting children wear beautiful clothes is totally different from beauty pageants<br />
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All the best for you and your little girl

Stupid or not, it is disturbing...they take advantege of the little girls trying to be their moms 'couse thats the person they look up to, but they are so inocent they don't see Mom is a shallow retard, trying to get attencion using their own girl. I truly think the best place to find peadophiles flying happy all around is this competitions with out looking suspicios.I have a 5 year old and she likes to play dress up, but there is no way she will use my make up and there is no way I am going to use her as a clown.

The second part makes me really angry, it makes a generation of stupid pretty girls. thank you Destry

Thank you apple Bomb, and the pressure of winning a competition this stupid on that kid, it should be against the law.

Zipp I thought the same as you - that it was mostly in the US. But one the things I saw recently was an Irish dancing competition and the girls all had these fancy wigs and piles of make up. Ok not as crass as the pageant but maybe the thin end of the wedge.

@ Zippy: thank you for the comment, I agree with you<br />
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@ Lacey: thank you for creating this group

I've never seen a pageant (i think they are more an American thing .....) but I think dolling up such young girls in heels and lipgloss and all the other stuff must certainly send out the wrong message to peadophiles too.

@ the Littles Hobo, There should be some law against it.<br />
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@ MiaBella: I know I have seen them too, the children are ruined for good. How can a parent do that to her own child?

I know.. But what can you do? "If I was the King I'd..."<br />
It's sh!t that I'm not. I'd buy you that island too.