Emotional Abuse, Body-image Warping, Freaks Me Out

I try not to expose myself to things which wind me up. As I can't do a damn thing about these nutty parents..  I have to just hope that enough people will not participate, that their whole scene will die, but it won't coz society is sick. Kiddie ballroom is pushing-it these days too. Should be all about the moves, but not those kinds of moves and WTF are they dressing those girls as 1940's actresses? What was their purpose? Draw in men , yeah, .weird..

not that I've been watching, but i saw some Tv program, about pushy, freaky parents, and the invasion of freaky pushy parent culture from U.S.

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I had to say something.. I shouldn't because these groups do fekk-all. What's the point/purpose/effect of these sorts of groups? I guess you can just non-participate instead. Don't forget they pay when they make the documentaries.. the pageant earns when yuo watch. And you are what you think.. You make yoursellf angry, you hurt your mind!! That's the devil, for me anyway... my seething red anger.. hidden under a thick la<x>yer of Passiveness.. that's why I need to not feul it, not join this group, even tho I'm writing for it, not in disagreement really, i mean , I don't want the pageants so I don't participate.

Thank you for the story, well spoken. I completely agree