Sad desperate mothers trying to live their unforfilled life through their innocent children, vile to see little girls made up with fake tan fake eyelashes ect, literallyturns my stomach.

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Haha PML Stevester!

I hate ******* chavs. I blame Jordan

I couldnt agree more! What on earth is going on in todays society when there are bras aimed at 7 and 8 year olds? My daughter is nearly 10 and i will keep her in pretty cami top vests until she has breasts to support! And to add to the jewellry on children debate, i also have a baby daughter of 14 months, and i remember seeing a baby at my kids school who at the time was 7 months other then gold rings on both her little chubby hands!! I had to look twice! If that wasnt a choking hazard i dont know what is!

Yes, to me they do hurt. Even if, in the short term, there is no immediate harm to the child, it is insiduous, and says that it is ok, which it most certainly isn't.<br />
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That playboy stuff for kids is exploitative. But what adults buy that **** for 7 yr old girls.....I can probably answer that when I saw a kid in a pushchair with braided hair (she was white so no cultural imperative) and two sets of hoops in her pierced ears. This is just treating this child like a doll to be dressed up. Maybe some see it as ok but as an old conservative bloke I couldn't get my head around it. Don't these things hurt?

I've written elsewhere that I feel it is a form of child abuse. It does take their childhood away. The bras for 8 year olds, that is just awful. Similarly, for a few years now, Playboy stationary for girls has been available on the high street here in the UK. Now, I have no problem whatsoever with any adult sexuality, but this is sexualising children, and is wrong, pure and simple.<br />
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I saw a programme on tv the other night and stared in disbelief at the over animated smiles these children were forced to do, i can tell you it was anything but pretty, it looked ridiculous!

I agree. This is sad. They lose their childhood. Children should be out having fun.

Exactly Mez353! A little off topic i know, but you know what else really sickens and bothers me? Little bras made for children has young as 8! And sexy matching hipster panties! OMG!Noooo! way on this earth will either of my daughters be wearing such things until they have something to put in them! Big granny pants all the way for my little girls thankyou very much! Lol!

I am so glad to hear others say this. It is almost like child p orn. These girls are being exploited unknowingly. Sick. I wonder what they are like when they get older?

I agree. Too sickening.

AMEN.... you are so right on!! It sickens me too...

Oh yea!! I think these "pagents" are just plain CREEPY!! I think you've hit it on the head about Mothers/Parents trying to live vicariously through their children. YUCK!!

The fake teeth really bother me. <br />
There is nothing more beautiful than a 6 year old smile with a missing tooth.

I say that the parents are just using their children and trying to make their child live the life THEY wish they had.<br />
And you can tell that the pageant moms are WAY more competitive then the child that is competing is.Some of the parents I must say, do have a good personality because I was watching a show about that (it was sickening) and some of the moms say that as soon as the child says they don't wanna do it the parents take them out.The only children's pageants that are reasonable are the ones that are natural fake tan,eyelashes,teeth,hair,and all tht stuff..<br />
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I completely agree with you.

Oh yes ive seen the "disco dancing" Mmm i agree very dubious. They had this event going on at my local sports centre recently while i was waiting to go into my arerobics class, and i was appauled, children as young as 5 covered in makeup and skimpy outfits! Im def not a prude but they werent pretty sparkly ones like any little girl would love to wear but very sexy suggestive ones! Not a chance in hell my 9 year old would ever be seen in anything like that!