Rant On Kid's Beauty Pageants

Me too! The little girls look so ugly with their fake tans, fake teeth, hairsprayed hair, make up, etc. What kind of message are you sending to your kid when you put them up on display for people to judge based on something so idiotic as "beauty", puts too much pressure on them. Kids should be kids for as long as they can.

Nothing aginst heavy people (I'm no size 2) but have you guys noticed that most of these pageant moms are heavy or ugly? Talk about living your life through your kids!!

Bananna Bananna
6 Responses Mar 12, 2009

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very simple "child abuse" dont teach children looks are important teach them education is important dont get me wrong i against boy student athletes too i dont care how fast you can run get education and save us from all these materialistic plastic people

Get to know the pageant kids you think are dumb. Most of them are honor students. Most have many other interests. They do community service and they even go to church. So the idea that pageant girls are brainless selfserving idiots just isnt true after all. people should do research before they claim to be experts on a topic!!!

izzy, its a travesty when parents take young girls as young as 2 and parade them on stage as if they are a cupie doll. another thing, its showing this little angels that looks are verything. Forget there minds. and don't forget, what kind of future will they have when they realized that they are no longer pretty enough to be in thses baby parades? What happened to the simple life of being a kid? All this is doing is putting alot of undo stress on thses little ones and for what reason? These babies learned to dance and sing when they watch there siblings sing and dance or like me pick up my little girls and dance with them and sing to them.

I disagree. I have 1st hand experience with my child. She has learned to love herself WIN or LOOSE, made good friends, learned to dance & sing.I`m sure alot of you have your girls in dance if the truth be told! If the child dosen`t enjoy it, ALL of it then it can be a bad experience for her. Alot of people who disagree with them have tried them & the child didn`t win & that left a bad taste in their mouth.


And they'll argue about how the children enjoy it nevertheless.<br />
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Well, for me they may and they may not be but it is hideous that a parent places his/her child in a situation where physical beauty is deemed the best thing in life.