Childrens' Beauty Pagents have a possibility of  leading  to materilistic, self-absorbed, women. I believe that if you bring up a child believing that looks are everything, then that aint right! Life's more than a ton of make up, weave, teeth whitner and a fake smile. I watch that show about little girls in those pagents, they have the fakest smiles, but their eyes scream fear. After all, why should a 6 year old have on make up? Sorta perverted..

lostprophet lostprophet
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u know what...i kinda sorta gotta agree with u!

Yeah, those things should be illegal!

Yes, the clothes are sexy. The little "dances" and moves they make aren't called for. It's perverted! <br />
<br />
I don't think ALL parents try to use their children to compensate for something that's missing from their lives. I honestly believe SOME-not all-SOME do it just as a joke at first, then they begin to win..and the game soon changes.

agreed.. that's why i liked "little miss sunshine".