I will admit, I have a cousin who entered a beauty pageant a couple years ago. She won, and I was proud of her. I was really proud of her and her mom for not making her up to look like a twenty year old *****. The only makeup she had on was a tiny bit of blush, some lip gloss with a little pink tint, and nail polish. She had no fake hair and no fake tan. She was naturally beautiful.

Why can't pageant moms understand that? Why can't they and the judges see that children are more beautiful and far more adorable when they don't have all that crap on them? I was watching a show, Little Miss Perfect, and one of the pageant moms said (not direct quote) "All my daughters have been in pageants. Pageants help build self esteem in a way that sports can't. It's a way for them to feel pretty." I highly disagree. If I have a daughter in the future I don't want her self esteem to based on how pretty she looks after she slaps on pounds of cake-up, fake hair, fake nails, and spray tans.

I have nothing against women (ages 17+) who participate in pageants. I just wish they had to take an IQ test in order to participate. I feel that until young girls reach a certain age, constantly putting them in pageants can only harm them. They place their entire self worth on what a group of judges has to say about them and that is unfair. What good can from teaching girls that their only key to happiness and acceptance comes from looking fake to win a cheap crown. If you take away the flippers, the hair extensions, the spray tans and you let the kids go out there and be 100% natural then maybe they will learn something positive. Maybe they will learn that they are wonderful without all the extras. Maybe they will grow to be confident in their own skin and base their confidence on who they are and not what they put on.

Natural is beautiful, fake is fake.

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I totally agree. It makes me sick to think that they are filling their little girl's heads with things that will only hurt their self image. They should be ashamed. I have an 11 year old daughter.....blonde hair blue eyes and very tall ,slim and beautiful. I have taught her that there are more important things in life than being beautiful. She knows she's worth more than what people see on the outside.