I Dont Like It..

i was watching on tv a show and suddenly another show started called ''toddlers and tiaras''(or something like that)..i was watching how the kids were preparing, all the ppl helping them,find dress etc ..

dont u think it makes it easier for some ppl to hurt those kids??

i think isnt something to look and smile but be is something to be sad..

kids are ok as they are.. better they play alone with costumes etc than be in public and not safe...just my opinion..

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thanks both for opinion..

You should see my argument in the other dislike beauty pageants with a pro-child beauty pagentdouchebagger. <br />
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These parents should be sterilized and not be allowed to breed any longer. These little girls unfortunately will grow up to be materialistic little self-centered brats that will then be envied by said mothers and rebel against them. The tables will turn when they grow up and they are no longer able to control them. Hopefully the girls will get hypothetically slapped in the face with some sense.

I'm glad to see someone come forth with an opinion on this important topic. I couldn't agree with you more -- these shows do absolutely nothing to enhance the lives of children and, in fact, I'm sure that such viewing constitutes a large portion of the preferred entertainment of pedophiles everywhere. What message are we imparting to these kids when we train them to be spoiled little divas who wear more makeup than many of their moms? <br />
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A more responsible network would refuse to carry these shows. They are irresponsible to the welfare of the most innocent among us and they send young girls a message they're heard too many times already: you just have to look really pretty to make people like you. Ugh ...


I totally agree, I think it is disgraceful to exploit children in this fashion--what can their parents be thinking?

exactly ..

Anna I wish more people would see this and learn! Its really frustrating!<br />
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Many people are fighting child abusers when they also should be fighting parents and producers of toddlers and tiaras! They r giving child pedofiles a show of their dreams!