The Right Is Not Always Correct...

OK, I'm prepared to lose a few of you out of my circle for this, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I am an Anarchist and this means a lot to me. No, I am not a punk who goes around setting things on fire. I do like the Sex Pistols (RIP Vicious) though. *grin* I just don't subscribe to the notion that any politician has the right to dictate my life and when I have to vote (as is compulsory in Australia) I lean towards Green philosophy.

When people start defining rigid moral boundaries for the whole of society, things inevitably go wrong. The Right Wing Ideology worries me greatly in this sense because many who lean towards the right are also devout Christians. Or so they say. I just don't get how the American Constitution allows you to bear arms and be a pro-lifer? What? OK, I know that's being extreme, but surely believing it's fine to shoot an intruder and striving to save the unborn screws with your head a little. I also can't understand the objection to Universal Health Care, Fair Tax and the support of the ongoing "war against terror". Focus on real terror, the terror of being controlled. Save your kids, don't encourage them to die for freedom.

Respectfully, I won't write any more, for fear it will be an one thousand page dossier.

Take care.

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I totally agree, and as an American I disagree with a lot that goes on too

TRW,<br />
Fair perspective. Your pagan beliefs and anarchism are your business. Perhaps you should consider libertarianism, or ob<x>jectivism. Both favor limited government. They don't favor full anarchism, but they approach the hand-off let me live my life ideals that you doubtless support.

First of all thank you for being a great friend, ChoctawGrrl.<br />
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VintageElegance, I do not know where to begin. My Pagan faith has nothing do do with my anarcho-pacifism. I have been a proud pagan since the age of 15 and I am now 32. It is not a fad or phase, I do not summon the dark, I emerge from it.<br />
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Hence I will never subscribe to the Right. FYI, I was raised Roman Catholic and Magdalene remains as a Goddess to me.

Vintage..I believe that I said I was proud that you and I could disagree in my previous post.<br />
So no, it isn't about us disagreeing at all.<br />
I do not take it lightly when someone is unkind to someone as nice as RW.<br />
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Lumping all so-called "left-winged" people into one category merely shows your intolerance of people whom differ from you. (If I were like that, I would suppose that intolerance is an inherently "right wing" trait, but I choose to not place judgement on others simply because I do not agree with them.)<br />
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So..lemme see..It's not a "witches's convention." My response was about you being rude to my ep friend. Blessings :)

So by me disagreeing with your viewpoints, that makes me a troll does it, Choctaw?? Very thin-skinned, or just completely intolerant of diverse opinion would be my suggestion. I'm not surprised. These are well known traits of left-winged people.<br />
<br />
So what you are trying to tell me here, is that I have inadvertently stumbled across a witches convention ??

Vintage,<br />
It is not polite to troll in groups..RW is as nice as they come and I don't like bullies...<br />
<br />
Witchcraft is not something people are "into" but is indeed a spiritual path that some choose. It is about respecting the earth and the inhabitants. It is not about trying to "convert" anyone as you never see little witchy fundamentalists going door-to-door to "save" you..Live and let live.<br />
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Furthermore, you need only go back in history to see how right wing ideaology has failed us..Isn't that why folks moved to America in the first escape the tyranny of a government that dictated how the citizens worshipped and behaved? I am proud that you and I can disagree upon this and while you may find my faith "weird" I see yours as being judgemental.<br />
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The reason many of us fear such an ideaology is that it wants to dictate the "right" way to act, think and feel and that in itself is frightening to those who enjoy using our brains and our freedoms.

"The Right Wing Ideology worries me greatly in this sense because many who lean towards the right are also devout Christians."<br />
<br />
Why do Christians scare you so much?? That is weird. I notice your avatar has a Pagan symbol in it associated with witchcraft, and a black hooded female character that resembles a witch. Are you into witchcraft??<br />
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The right wing ideology is an ideology in itself, which you shouldn't be 'scared' of just because Christians are attracted to it too (!??) The right wing ideology makes sense, because it comprises of commonsense, rather than following some anarchy, which is very misguided and non-productive indeed. The right wing movement has been revived in the last decade, not just in the U.S, but worldwide, partly due to meddling 'progressives' hacking away at fundamental rights, overspending on useless projects, and generally assaulting people's commonsense. know I adore you..I swear you are one of the smartest people I know and of course, that makes you HOT baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *wink*

"I just don't get how the American Constitution allows you to bear arms and be a pro-lifer?"<br />
<br />
LOL! I've often wondered that myself.

No, not at all degletenoor, my gentlemen friend. You show me respect. :)

thanks my friend everything will be ok!

*grins* Pollies are like puppets, they do as directed by a higher power... no, and it's not God....I'll save my Reptilian Human morph creature babble, shall I? ;)

BV, somehow I gathered you would.<br />
<br />
MissBebe... I bet they couldn't achieve that goal, right?