Before you rant about me being whiny or kids ill-prepared for workforce, let me explain. I disagree with dress codes because too often it's taken too far to the point where girls are basically told that they should be ashamed of how they look & cover themselves to not distract the boys or creepy male teachers. I have chosen to share my own experiences to show what these mentalities can do to a young girl. From an early age (11-12) I physically developed very quickly. By middle school & even more so in high school, I had an hourglass figure (HUGE boobs-36C by age 13/14, D/DD by high school-tiny waist, & wide hips) & long legs. As a result, clothes looked tighter on me; shorts, skirts & dresses looked shorter on me; And tops showed cleavage unless I wore a turtleneck. Countless times I was pulled from class or stopped trying to get to class & held in the office getting yelled at because I was 'showing too much' & was 'distracting the boys'. I looked 'trashy', 'cheap', & basically called a ****. Yet when I saw other girls, many girls who wore the same things (sometimes even skimpier) who happened to have smaller chests, less curves, shorter legs weren't reprimanded constantly. One time, though, was really bad. I did a summer gym class (for credit so I wouldn't have to take PE during the year) we had two days we wore swimsuits. The first day we went to the beach at a nearby lake. I wore a super-cute bikini I got at Target. My mother bought it for me specifically to wear for school. The ONLY guidelines they gave to us were: 1. The suit had to stay on & not fall out of it when you get wet 2. No 'string bikinis' & 3. Have shoes. My mom & I specifically fit all of those guidelines. When my mom picked me up that day at the beach, however, a teacher told my her I had to buy a new suit, that it was 'too revealing' (Stayed on the WHOLE TIME!). My mom thought that was weird, but bought me a new one anyway. This time, I got a red/white/blue bikini with hearts from Walmart. It was sooo cute & fit great. I was so excited to wear it to our next swimming activity: the community pool. However, about 20 minutes after the class started for the day, I was walking with my friends (the time we went it was open to the public) & I was told that I needed to wear my tank top over it. This meant I couldn't go on the water slides & had to get chlorine all over the shirt I was going to wear home. I put it on, but ended up taking it off because I was upset. When my mom picked me up that afternoon, that same teacher told my mother this bathing suit was 'inappropriate'. My mom asked what was wrong with it & the teacher just said a pool patron complained about the cleavage. It was a bikini! I've never seen a bikini that doesn't show cleavage, & there was no rule about cleavage. Dozens of girls wore string bikinis that were practically falling off, yet only I was singled out once again. Because some person who was at the pool who has nothing to do with the school, has no authority over me or anyone in that group, didn't like that you could see a 16-year-old had boobs. I was humiliated, & it makes me sad so many young women have to go through this. I think that there is nothing wrong with a young woman wearing something that shows off her body (within reason, of course). This 'policing' of girls (and mostly ONLY girls') bodies tells them that they should be ashamed of looking feminine, that they need to follow someone else's idea of values when they've had no say in it whatsoever. Please express your thoughts (no hate, please) & if you agree with me in any way, what you think can & should be done about this as well as other gender/sexuality issues.
Emm9 Emm9
Aug 16, 2014