Archaeologist And Geologist Are Not Showing Me Continuity

Every time I hear of Archeology Information. Then I get some Geology Information. Then when I try to Picture the Continuity to get a Bigger Picture of both of them with things.  I'm always getting Confusion. I can't see or notice any Continuity. Something isn't Right.  Why can't they get their Dates correct and Notice the Displacement of the Earth's Water's and Land Masses.  Earth's Topographics are Never in the Equation.  There was Earlier Man in South, Central and North America than Science really wants to believe in, because they wrap their Bias Beliefs that Early Man was in Africa.  If they dated man in South America 20,000 BC. They will ignore the Carbon Dating, because they have to infer their findings that early man 20,000 B.C. was in Africa. They have to ignore places being in deep waters, because they forgot to realize back in time, water was lower and displaced as Glacier Ice in other parts of the Earth. Some Parts of Earth had different Topographies back in time, but Scientist are using today's Topography for what they look at in the Past and that's not correct.  I believe that South America had more land mass and people used to commute from South America to Africa some 20,000 BC, but the Scientific Connoisseur doesn't give us that information. And that is driving me crazy.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Mar 13, 2010