Sentenced Again 16 Years Later

I was convicted of a sex crime in 1996 and sentenced to 5 years and 25 years on the registry if I never committed another sex crime. Two years ago I received a letter from the state police stating that the state adopted federal guidelines for sex offenders and that I now have to register for life. I was nine years away from putting this as far behind me as possible. It would seem that my first sentence was thrown out and I am further punished for being released and performing everything required of me. Personally I was looking forward to the day that I would be removed from that list so that my children would no longer have to suffer the effects of my mistake. I don't see the government doing anything like to when it comes to other crimes. What if they decide that 5 years was not enough time? And even though I have committed no further sex crimes they order me to serve more time. I always thought that when the judge sentenced me that when I served the stipulations of that sentence then it was over. Apparently not. I cannot live work or loiter within a thousand feet of a school and I get that I am all for that because that protects children. But if I made it twenty five years without another sex crime why am I being further punished by remaining on the registry for life?
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Any female sex offenders out there? I won't judge you for your past.

Because they are ******* feds. I lost all or any respect for the law. They just want to **** you for the rest of your life.

Exactly why I disagree with the Registry. No other crime can they just go back and retroactively change the sentence that was handed down. You shouldn't be further punished or your punishment changed from what you were told. If that is possible, how can anyone trust in the courts and in justice? Imagine if you were given a 1 year sentence for something, serve it out, and then 10 years later, they come back and say, well, we changed the law and now you have to do 5 years instead of 1, so back in prison you go. It's bullshit.

OK get this. I sent 2 pics that the judge said he would never allow them ******* with me. I had no contact with someone under age except I did with someone supposedly 16 and female. She lives in main and I in washington state. I just tried to get my \"rights\" to have a gun again and the lawyer said because of the crime I couldn\'t get it. WHAT THE ****????????