So Sick Of It

I am parent of a child with special needs, who is developmentally challenged.  I've supported individuals with special needs for over 20 years, and disgusted by the use of the word "retarded" in any way as it applies to people.  Those who used to be labelled "idiot", "moron", and "imbecile" were called Trainable and teachable retarded.  Then it became developmentally disabled, now it's ...challenged".  We've come a long way to try to get those with intellectual challeges recognized as people and not labels.  Why do people persist in using these ioutdated labels?  Can't we all just be people?

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Some of the most gifted people have been called stupid, retarded, and so on. <br />
It's just because the mainstream population thinks in a certain way, so the education system is based on that. <br />
The label retarded only indicates that the person can't keep up with the current education system. If something more appropriate is found, they'd be brilliant. A good example is Ronald Davis.<br />
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Stupidity is not learning from experiences. It's a huge difference.<br />
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People like to be either different from, or belong to a group (label). You can't avoid that, but in the first place, we're all people.