People Can Be So Judgemental

dont you just hate judgemental people
they are every where .just like me being judged by my misspelling.
I have dyxlica ok so i know about my mispelling thanks spelling teachers lol.
 ive been judged by many things people see about me . but untill people look over my
mispellings you might see a deeper person than what you judge as uneducated . its apart of who i am
and i eccept my learning disablity as dyxlica .when people judge is it being human or
having to be right ? a controler having to be right having thier way ? or could it a tool
to point out how inperfect we all really are in life ? or do we judge to keep fingers pointing at our
inperfectness? why do we really judge others ?
lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
3 Responses Jul 17, 2010

oh yes, but I love when their judgments were wrong. <br />
A lot of people judge me all the time but some get the opportunity to <br />
see just how wrong they were.

I know I am dylixica thnks for the correction. lol

Being judgmental is a human thing. And BTW, judgmental is spelled incorrectly. lol