Life: The Outcasts

If one thinks about it society is a strange thing. Your ranking is based upon useless things: what brand of clothes you wear, who you talk to, what car you drive, your sexual attractions, and your looks, Notice all famous people. Most are good looking and only care for the oppisite sex. Everyone loves them. Now take a home town hero. For example the guy who works at Walmart drags a child from a flaming car. This man happens to be gay: society makes him famous for a week then insults and jokes about him are all over the web, One example of how screwed up society lives. Now think back to Highschool. Theres a gothic kid sitting in the back corner. No one speaks to him. This kid is really nice. The kids tease him because of his clothes and lack of friends. Five months into school this kid kills himself. Majority of suicides are after effects of what happens do to the way society treats the outcasts. Read this all you people. Dont judge upon appearence or desires. Judge upon personality. The outside of a person is useless its the inside that counts. God bless the outcasts.
DexterDog45 DexterDog45
13-15, M
Dec 14, 2012