Fantasy Enema Punishment

I'm told I'm to receive a punishment enema for what I did. I figure I'm big enough and old enough that no way am I going to cooperate. My Dad doesn't take 'no' for an answer. He tells me to ***** and stand in the corner. I refuse. He locks me in my room. Soon he is back with a bulging enema bag. Again he tells me to *****. "Make me", I reply. Next thing I know he has the enema nozzle aimed at my crotch, soaking my jeans with ice cold water. Soon the cold is unbearable as I feel my gonads turning numb, and I have to take off my clothes. But I'm still not ready to let him give me that enema. He again turns on the valve, squirting my now naked groin with ice water and I quickly turn around. But I can only take so much of that as he backs me into a corner. I am relieved when the ice water flow stops. But then I feel the stinging swats on my butt, made all the more painful by being wet. He rains a series of rapid fire powerful blows, quickly turning my butt a bright red. The spanking continues until I finally cry 'uncle'. I realize I'm not going to be able to sit much for the next few hours. He tells me to put my hands behind my back and I feel him snap a pair of handcuffs on. He then puts a gag in my mouth, as he says he doesn't want to hear me complaining during the punishment. He leads me over to the bed and forces me to lie face down. Next I feel ropes being attached to my ankles and my legs spread as he ties them to the corners of the bed. I hear him walk out of the room, presumably to fill the enema bag. It gives me a few minutes to ponder what he has in store for me, never having had a punishment enema though I'd had enemas when younger. He comes back about 10 minutes later, again with a bulging bag. He tells me it is a typical punishment enema of milk and molasses. Gee milk is soothing, how bad can it be? I see it is a fairly large nozzle. As I watch him lubricate it, he tells me it is a double bardex. It has two balloons. By then I feel him inserting the nozzle into my anus, and I feel the pressure inside as he explains he is inflating the first balloon to make sure the nozzle can't slip out. I then feel the external pressure on my hole as he inflates the external balloon, insuring there is no leakage. I'm beginning to realize this isn't going to be fun. I hear the click of the valve as my Dad releases the flow. It isn't long before I feel the cramps. I beg my Dad to stop but he tells me to accept my punishment like a man. Soon I'm writhing around in agony, within the limitations of my bonds. Yet the solution keeps going into me. I'm crying by now--I'd be screaming in agony if it weren't for the gag. Still I can't escape that nozzle locked in my anus. Time seems to stand still as the pain, unbelievably, continues to grow. Finally I hear the valve click closed, but my Dad tells me I have to hold it for another 15 minutes. The double bardex makes sure of that! Another lifetime seems to go by when he finally unfastens the ropes from my legs and removes the handcuffs. He helps me off the bed and toward the bathroom, though I'm doubled over in agony and have trouble walking. When I get to the toilet he deflates the balloons. The nozzle shoots out of me along with the contents of my gut in the most powerful evacuation I've ever experienced. It was a lesson I never wanted to repeat. I'd rather have my mouth washed out with soap and water any day! I now knew how painful and effective a punishment enema could be.
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I would like to try this enema

I love to discuss discipline, spankings, and enemas.

think its hot being forced to take enemas

Maybe it made a difference in that I was in my late 20s when I first had a double bardex inserted. It is a weird feeling as the balloons are inflated, especially the inside balloon. One can fully relax while receiving an enema, knowing there will be no leakage. Of course, as you say, you are at the total mercy of the enema giver as there is no escape and no control over the flow. So it can be a good or bad experience,depending on the giver. But one has very little say when done for medical purposes. Some find the air contrast enema the worst part of the lower GI series.

yes it was the helplessness of the situation, my bum was stretched wide by those horrible balloons and there was nothing i could do to slow the water, no mercy i agree

oh man! I had the double bardex nozzle stuffed up me when i was 13 in hospital, its hell. Its just terrible because there is just no way you can do anything about it, its jammed and locked up your *** and you get filled up no mercy and no way of stopping the flow.
Also when both enormous balloons are blown up fully it stretches your *** so much its untrue.

Dad was quite a disciplinarian, I think..