I Spank My Kids

I do feel it is okay to spank your kids. I have a 16 year old son and a 9 year old daughter.

I use spanking as a last resort. We talk first, extra chores second, groundings third and then if those don't work I will spank their butts.

I spank my daughter with a open hand over my knee and my son is older and I will use a belt on him. Its not abuse, I have never left a bruise on them. They will cry, but that's it.
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I know these stories are quite old,but I feel I must share my experience.Both of my parents punished us with spanking when my brother and I were kids.The difference is,my dad was abusive and beat the hell out of us,so we were just terrified of him!My mom,however,we fully respected.When she spanked us,which was rare,we knew we deserved it.It didn't hurt,but it was more humiliating.Then she would tell us,"I'm very disappointed in you."That was way more effective because we respected her so much more than our dad!Beating a child makes them hate you later in life.

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Beating your son with a belt IS abuse. I'm sure you left whelts. And if spanking *worked you wouldn't have been spanking/beating your son for most of his life.

Spanking isn't bad I have twin almost 3 year olds and I give them little smacks but when they grow up they will be over me and my husbands knee!I was spanked my last time about 9 yrs ago I'm 25 and my husbands 26 so we have all our memories still there I have written loads of story's on my spankings if you think it's a good thing read them and tell me what u think!

I was caned by my father until 16 .but I don't know why he only cane my thigh and cane about 40 every time

you should do it even, both belts or both not.

I agree, at 9 the girl can take a spanking with the belt very well. I belted my daughter for the first time when she was 7 with good effect.

I think this is good. I have a friend whose parents never cared enough to set rules for her or her brother. She has had issues with partying and her brother has had problems with the law. She is 20 now and trying to help her brother. I remember her telling me that she wished they would give her some rules. I feel light spankings, not beatings obviously, and rules show a kid that you love them.

3512649nf . Lots of Parents are to Dum as you are saying NaughtyGirl . you no what is needed and you should tel your daddy he should smack your bare bottom hard not takeaway your Phone . Some Parents are stupid and dont Realize their youngsters are running riot . Disruptive youngsters need Disciplining even at Age 16 NaughtyGirl . davidmaher48@gmail.com

I'm 16. And my parents r to dum to realize that spanking Me is probaly the only thing that would work. If one of them takes my phone I just go and sneak it back. Lol. Plus I'm a girl so I don't think so.

yep no what you mean my parents they used to just ground me and stuff but then they realized that that wasnt working so my dad went to this lumber yard and had a paddle made and that sure did it he bend me over his knee and paddled my behind

The Punishment must hurt . Strict Parenting stops youngsters turning to Crime . their is to much Crime and its down to the Parents not being Strict . UnDisciplined youngsters make bad Adults . Without Discipline their is Chaos in homes and on the streets

Your daughter got of way too light, get your biggest leather belt and go right to her room. Say nothing as you pull down her pants and panties. Bend her over your lap and apply the belt, make sure she knows you mean business from the start.<br />
Don't stop until she gives you long and tearfull "I'm Very Sorry Daddy".

This is an interesting thread and it is good to read so many advocated of what is a sensible, proper and effective way to punishing bad behavour and encouraging better conduct. if the rules and consequences are known and understood then the child has only him/herself to blame

YES . Bad Behavour has to be Stoped . Without Discipline their is chaos .

This is an interesting thread and it is good to read so many advocated of what is a sensible, proper and effective way to punishing bad behavour and encouraging better conduct. if the rules and consequences are known and understood then the child has only him/herself to blame

i Agree

I know this is your way of parenting but i am a mother of 4 and my second youngest is 4 and i would never smack him instead he would get a warning for misbehaving and then he would sit on the naughty step for four minutes. Then i would get him to apoligize for what he as done. My oldest is 8 and he would rebel on sitting on the naughty step as i find he is to old so instead i would take privliges away like playing outside. If any of my children are really bad they would have to stay in the spare room with no toys for a night. (i obviously not lock them in) but if i find them out of the spare room for any other reason then going to the toilet they would be picked up and taken straight back in. It is hard but i think it is so much eaiser then spanking a child i just couldnt listen to them crying knowing it was me there own mother that had hurt them.

I can understand where you are coming from...it is hard to hear them cry and know you are the reason for it. I think parents should do what works for them. See I'm like you in the fact that I do try other ways first. I only spank when I have used all the other ways first. And I don't believe in being rough or harsh with my children either...I'm not out to hurt them.

I agree with your comments completely and those others who have shared. A house without discipline is a home without love and discipline is an essentail parental responsibility as long as it's not done done in anger.<br />
<br />
I think its very important to always wait at least 30 minutes before spanking to ensure that you are not motivated by anger. Also it's very, very important to always spank on the bare bottom. If you spank a covered bottom you cannot see the damage you are doing and may go to far.<br />
<br />
I use an open hand or hairbrush on younger children and sometimes the cane for older ones.

What do you think is the best impliment for naughty adult children? --- :)~

I have a 16 year old daughter and an 8 year old son, and me and their fatherland no harm in busting their butts if they do wrong. Our daughter seems to get in more trouble than our son, and nothing works to good on them so when they get in trouble, they bare their little hiney and get it warmed good.

your just being a good Parent Looking out for your youngsters . a sore bottom MIGHT will stop the CHAOS

i Agree youngsters need Discipline . you have my Respect . Strict Parenting Makes Good Adults That Get Jobs .

i agree wtih you youngest these days so much more important that they need strick up bringing an bare bottom spanking to go with it just like i got growning up

i am with you . Bringing up youngsters without Discipline is Stupid Parenting . but it was LEGAL to smack ones youngsters back in the 1950s for Missconduct . Without Discipline their is CHAOS

that is true but if you raise your kids on spanking an then when they get older i dont htink ou will find them going to anyone complaining about child abuse

Yeo, at 16 sometimes a sore butt is all they can understand. I have been there myself at that age, had my uncle whip my *** and get me into shape.

your Uncle was just teaching a Lession Eric . you should thank him for caring about you NaughtyMan .

I don't spank my kids bare butt. Reasons we spank are like when my daughter was being disrespectful (cussed at a teacher) in school and out right told me she refused to tell her teacher sorry. After her mom spanked her, she changed her mind and said sorry. Like I spanked my son for taking my car and staying out all night. He even decided not to answer his cellphone when we called him. On top of that, when he got home he told me he was at a friend’s party, but wouldn’t tell me anything more.<br />
<br />
On both cases they were given chances and it seemed like only a spanking got through to them.

spanking for kids she be used<br />
i feel extra chores grounding does not work well<br />
good spanking an all is forgiven

i Agree if everything is not working . it seems Reasonable to use Spanking . and its Quicker than being Grounded . i Stil had to do extra Chores . Growing up in the 1950s 1960s was a lot Different .Home Discipline was LEGAL . Parents were not Stupid back then . Keeping youngsters out of trouble by strict Parenting works . Disobedient youngsters Learned from a very early Age to be Respectful to Adults and to obey Parents or get a smacked bottom

agreed totally