Our Boys Get A Good Bare Bottom Spanking Still!

After a good bare bottom spanking our boys have to do bare coner time fro 30 minutes hands on head. It's really not so much about the spanking as it is about the embarassment. the longer they are bare and exposed the more aware they are about what is showing! and i don't mean their red bottom. Boys get just as embarassed as girls do when being bare and spanked. Most parents have seen the rise between their legs and keep spanking. after 30 minutes with their hands on their heads they go to their room for the eveing. but we all know what their doing in their rooms, it's no big secret what boys do!. The redder their bottom the more they lear. I chat a lot as Indycpljym on yahoo, hit me up if you still spank your boys bottoms!


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I like your way

I I'm always spanked bare bum atually I had a spanking last nite ! I pulled my little sisters hair + when by big bro tryed 2 stop us I punched him plz indicate if u think this is reasonbalr
P.S - spanking done by hand + hairbrush

My boys are now old enough that spanking is not used much anymore. YOU could look for me on YIM too, for chat about the "good old days" when the boys were between 8 and 16

I spank my 5 sons. as a single father, I need to make sure that they have the respect I deserve.

Anyone who spanks their children in the fashion this thread indicates will and deserves to lose any and all respect their children may have once had for them. These parents should lose custody of their children and go to jail.

Do you spank bare bottom as well?

How often did you spank at 16 our oldest is that age now and get spanked bare, hit me up on yahoo, I am Indycpljym

if this is not fantasy is physical and sexual abuse

I agree thats spankings are an important part of parenting.

I agree with you. My mother told me that spanking a covered bottom is dangerous as you can't see if you are over doing it. Corner time is a must for the punishment to be effective as the humiliation element is just as important as the physical spanking.

Yes it is bare is the best way as my parents spanked us bare as well how often do you spank there may I ask? you can contact me on yahoo Indycpljym or email jymartzall@gmail.com if you want to chat more about spankings

Boys should be bare when spanked as well, it does work even when older have you seen teen boys spanked bare as well outide?

That would be vedry embarrassing being soundly spanked ibn front of others and then spend time with your red spanked bottom on display.Have you donety hat to other naughty boys in front of your wife Sir?

You tell them who's boss. I get the worst punishments i get spanked bare butt in public and sometimes Mom makes me wear a short tight skirt infront of everyone

And i do n't think its embarrassing to be naked for ur sons as am always naked infront of parents with them clothed

When were you last spanked bare in front of parents and for how long?

I was spanked while growing up by many people.

indySpanker i AGree With What you are Saying . They Will Remember Being Naked Longer Than The Punishment . i MySelf was Punished in the Same Way By my Strict Mum Until i Left Home at Age 23 . its Good to have Strict Parents it Made A Man of me . i Grew up in The1950s and 1960s . Parenting was very Different Back Then . youngsters new their Place . and Where Respectfull to . Adults davidmaher48@gmail.com