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I have 2 boys & 2 girls i discipline my kids by spanking.I am very strict & i won't tolerate bad behaviour from my kids in any way,if they're told to do something they're only told once,any more results in a spanking.if they fight they get spanked,if they're horrible to other kids they get spanked,if they back chat they get spanked,& they definately get spanked if they lie.I know that sounds harsh but its a spanking NOT a beating.I only use my hand but they do go over my knee & have their bare bottoms spanked,only yesterday i had to spank my 12 yr old for answering me back,she knows the consequenses but she still did it.She was also made to stand in the corner for 30 minutes afterwards with her red sore butt on show.No i don't think its wrong,its the norm in our area & everyone of my kids friends get spanked as well.I will probably continue to spank them until i think they're old enough not to be.
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I was spanked as a child and teenager and quite a bit more severely than you describe. Yes, it was painful and embarrassing. But it didn't leave any psychological scars. My daughter and son were spanked also. Both are now adults. Important thing to remember is moderation. Certainly not 100 licks with the belt.

One thing I think is important, that I have not seen talked about, is occurance of any sort of discipline method used in the community at large where the children live. For example, If the community you live in never uses spanking,(and you are the only one) and they teach that spanking is wrong, then what you are teaching your children is that you are not disciplining them in any correct way - and you are doing something wrong. They may even see what you are doing is abusive.
However, if spanking is the norm in your community then that's what they will expect as normal disciplinary action. If spanking (or any other sort of unusual punishment) can be talked about among the children themselves as a normal behavior going on in the community, then it should be more effective and not warp your kids minds.
Curiously, you mentioned that one child was made to stand in the corner with a "red sore butt". How long did you have to spank her to achieve the red sore butt?

Following the crowd does not make a parent or guardian right any more than going against the crowd makes them wrong. Being a spanking parent among a community of non-spankers may make them different or unpopular, but that's all.

I think Spanking is good for our Discipline!!

Seriously reread your other stories to make them consistent. You said in another stories comments you only spank hard for stealing and now for anything they do. Yeah FAKER just wanting attention here.

Holly **** my ottcorecter is stupid but i am 14 never binn spanked only by horny boyfriend ended really fast

I have an 18 year old daughter and she does all that stuff still so what I do is have her go to her room cause she knows what's gonna happen then I pull down her pants and panties and spank her bare bottom with my belt sometimes she gets spanked in her panties she gets no more than 100 licks

That is not far to many she is 18 and as long as she lives under my roof she will continue getting spanked

Good for you, I agree she is 18 and can move out any time. Keep up the good work.

and she would be pathetic if she didn't move out.

First of all ***** whoever your are you have no right to be saying that so keep your mouth shut I reported you to the cop so if you keep saying stuff like that next will be a restraining order!!!! So if you don't like it don't comment simple as that!!!

Hey I am 26 still living at home and my mom just spanked me last week with a hair brush it was bare and over her knee :$ I know I need it right now to get me back on track :( it's just so embarrassing :$

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can u use ur hand to spank me bare im in need im 22 and naughty

Oh god you are horrible. You are teaching yoyr children not to stand up for themself and alowing themself to be treated like ****. Your sons will grow up to abuse and youre daughters to be abused. I would report you in the bl<x>ink of an eye.

Nothing wrong with spanking them at all.Never did me any harm.

is this a proof that it won't harm anyone else?

I am 26 and my mother just gave me and over the knee bare bottom spanking with a hair brush for being late to work too many times and not keeping my room clean :$

great stories , like to find someone to share my stories with, davoco

you don't need absolute and immediate obedience, expecting such blind obedience causes anger and resentment, rather the point of spanking is to teach them through loving correction.

u say that spanking is the norm in your area..where is this? in my area it is rare that u hear parents spanking, and if it is being used its definatley never said.

My question is; why do people think this is a debate? you are not going to change anyone's mind, so why try? if you don't agree with something someone posts then simply move on and don't read anymore of their stories. this is supposed to be a forum to share experiences, not a damn debate club<br />
BTW, I won't argue with a 12 year old either. The child knows the consequences of arguing with a parent. If they choose to break the rules, then they are choosing to accept those consequences


I read your story about your first spanking and you said it was the first of many many spankings and I think if spankings worked you would not need that many! I never spanked my kids and they were good kids. My friend spanked her kids and they were always getting in trouble for hitting other kids! When they got caught hitting other kids then of course they would get spanked. Hitting somebody to teach them to not hit never made any sense to me. I really think it teaches that if I'm bigger than you and you do something I don't like, then I'm going to hit you to make you see how it's right. somehow

My daughter is 16, and has the worst mouth, and I dont mean cussing even thought she does at times, but she back talks and smarts off all the time and she don't really do what she's told, and even though she's 16 if she disobeys or misbehaves she gets her bare bottom blistered along with some corner time. Since she is older though we have used a belt, switch, paddle an our hands. She thinks because she is to big to go over my knee, she's to big for a spanking, and that's where she is wrong!

Why do they all think they're too big to get a spanking? My daughter is tiny she looks more like a 9yr old than 12,so for the moment she can still very easily fit over my knee,but if she ever gets too big there are plenty of other ways to spank her.Although if shes anything like me she will be in her early 20's before shes too big to over my knee,lol.

Well she figures since she is a teenager she shouldn't be treated like a child. But a's long as she is going to act like a child, she will be treated like one. It's easier to spank her in diaper position just so she can't kick.

I spank my kids with a bare bottom & over the knee,kids need discipline i have 5 boys & silly time outs don't work in the same way a spanked bottom does.

me too.