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I live here in Ireland but i grew up in England in the 70's,a time when every kid got a smacked bottom for being naughty,the laws in England on smacking are ridiculous.Here it is'nt as bad & parenting is pretty much still left up to the parents.I have two daughters,9 & 13 & if they are naughty or lie they get a smacked bottom.It is something i have always done since they were old enough to understand what the word NO meant. They don't like it one little bit & insist they are too old to go across my knee & have their bare bottoms soundly smacked.Normally i will only smack them with my hand but sometimes if they have been particularly naughty i will use a slipper.My husband will smack them exactly the same way.I do also send them to the corner afterwards where they have to stand for 30 minutes with their bottoms on show.I have in the past smacked their bare bottoms when we have been out,although now as they have got older they rarely misbehave when we are out,if they do they know when we get home their bottoms will be very sore.I will carry on smacking them until i deem otherwise.I myself was smacked until i went to university at 19,it never did me any lasting harm & i doubt it will my girls either.
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"if they're naughty or lie they get a smacked bottom", and so they should!-WELL DONE for smacking their bottoms!, an act done not enough these days!.

my spankings wernt as bad as we made it seem with all the crying and carrying on about it. after hearing about how others were spanked i am so happy not to have your moms. my mom even feels guilty now days and wishes she hadnt done it.
some of my friends would get restriction instead of spanking. i would much rather get a quick spanking then be on restriction all week or more.

Hmm.. a shame your mom feels guilty - a good firm spanking is good.. i my self discipline my niece on a regular basis. hand and belt.. i am sure at times now, you look back and have other feelings about how it affected you.

I would be concerned if that was my daughter. I would not agree with using a belt on a niece, who is not your own daughter. Despite what her own Mother would say, I still do not believe that can be right.

Why can't you spankophiles just visit websites for this, with ADULTS and FOR ADULTS? There are enough stories and videos. Leave the kids out, it's pathetic!!! Everybody knows you are a spankophile and not a "disciplinarian", smackedboarder. This picture, this name, all those stories. EP is wrong for you people!!! Just post "I have a spanking fetish" and nobody will complain!!!

Here here! That had to be said. I don't believe in spanking I believe in discipline which is every day working with a child to stimulate their learning. Perverts.

Why do you care so much about kids and you allow them to be raised in a system where they will one day accept money to be dominated. A little bit of logic in your discourse would make your point valid.

You need to also keep in mind that many parents are failures at life and beating up kids because they hate their own life is the only way they can live with themselves.

Also, I met 9yo that wanted, craved spankings, from adults only, so don't consider it an adult thing, it really is not. It is a direct consequence of being brought up to be dominated, under the word of God and whatever bullshit those parents imposed on those children.

Well done!!, they should know discipline. I got my 1st hiding off an African lady (we lived there), she beat my bottom until I thought I had no bottom left, infront of the whole class, I aren't sure which was more red-my face or my sore bottom!!.

I was a newly qualified teacher in 1960 in the UK when spanking and caning was allowed.
I used a stockroom that was part of the classroom and would take a child in there after the last lesson and take them across my knee for a few mins. I used my hand and on the clothed bottom. For more serious issues I used a slipper with the child bending over in the traditional way.
When I took the child to the school gate to hand over to the parent it was obvious their child had been in trouble. I would hear the parent warning the child that the moment they would get a good hiding the moment they got home.
I was teaching young children at a juniors school

Reading your story your teacher really did give a good hiding !!!!!.

Yes she did!. What did you think of her methods?. I never will forget it that's for sure!.

here is what i found on another website on how a mum disciplines her kids.

All of my kids cry and cry hard during their spankings-our son stands to my side hands on sides for the pants lowering. This is after a talk. Some moms like my sister bares during the talk. I lecture him then walk him to my side for the "pants to comedown"the exposure is important. I don't jerk them down either. I remain having eye contact as I unfasten, unzip, and tug each sides rather slow until ankles.

How does you and husb prepare them bottom?

We bare our kids bottom's before the lecture, this lets them know that there is no way they will get out of their spanking. When our kids need a spanking my husband or I will grab their wrist and lead them to either the livingroom couch or the kitchen chair. We sit down and stand the child to be spanked in front of us. We have them put their hands on their head to keep them out of the way and then we start with the baring. First we unbutton and uzip their pants and then we slowly lower them to their ankles. We then grab the waistband of their underwear at their sides. At this point we will usually get some tears or some begging asking us not to spank or bare them. We always respond to this by simply lowering their underwear. They will usually squirm a little when their underwear is lowered past their mid-thighs but we do not stop lowering until their underwear is down at their ankles with their pants

I get spanked too. I am 14 so do my brother and sister, they are 10 and 8. Mum spanks us every time we are naughty, corner time too, even if friends are there.

Glad to be a new friiend. Your children are not too old yo smack. Thank you for teaching them to respect you.

i remember when i was an 8 year old telling granma the f word well she didnt waste no time and soon had a bare bottom which was smacked until red i didnt utter another swear word again it damm well stung but it didn do me any harm so parents out there carry on your good work and to hell with everyone else (d)

umm.... You just swore. So your spanking obviously didn't work! Better bend over the counter and get your *** smacked. Oh. Right, that would be wrong, simply because we have been graced with your annoying presence for more years than a three year old. **** you for condoning child abuse.

i smack my child two times everyday bare bottom

Even if they havnt done anything wrong???

that is good that is just what kids need a goood bare bottom spanking an corner time for all to see who was naughty when they come over

Well it sure as hell never did me any lasting damage! There are two alternatives be good,& be rewarded or be naughty & get smacked,its not rocket science,i know which i would choose.

that is correct you are naughty you pay the price with your bottom an in the corner soon they do learn

hi love to share stories with you

Ha ha, I can still remember the embarrassment of being in the corner with my red bottom on show!!. Did me good though!.

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