Yes, We Spank Our Son! And It's Not Wrong!

My husband and I do believe in spanking, and yep, we do spank our 7 year old son. I never thought I believed in spanking, because I wasn't spanked as a child. I really can honestly say I was disobedient and I had the biggest attitude to my parents because of it. My son was about 3 when he got his first spanking, and it was because there was absolutely nothing else that was working for his terrible behavior. He was throwing mega tantrums and being very mean, hitting and even biting. It may be normal toddler behavior, but it had to be corrected. On the night of this first incident Cody threw his dinner plate across the dining room because he didn't want to do as he was told and eat his green beans (we didn't give him a lot, and he likes green beans) and he hit the dog with it. She was okay, but it startled her and it hurt, I'm sure! As I watched, kinda in shock, my husband stood up, pulled my son out of his booster seat, and stood him up. Cody was only wearing a pull up, which my husband pulled down to his knees. He then popped him open handed, not hard at all, 5 times. Cody was crying, but we had his attention. My husband told him to pull his pants up and stop crying, and daddy will tell him why he got a spanking. He told Cody he loves him, but when he is a bad boy he will get his pants pulled down and get a spanking on his bottom. After that, we have hardly ever had trouble with my sweet little man behaving. When his behavior is terrible and he really does deserve a spanking, he gets one, and yes, his pants are pulled down for it. My husband does most of the spanking, and now that my son is seven it's hardly ever required, because it's corrective, and it WORKS. He never gets popped more than 6 or 7 times, and it's always with my husband's hand, usually over his knee. It doesn't really severely hurt him, it's more of the embarrassment of his daddy pulling his pants down and having to spank him because he was bad.
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I am not alone?!?! I almost fainted i was starting to think the only people aloud on the internet anymore where gental discipline parents . Yes spanking works keep it up and you will raise a fine young man

So you pull his pants down to embarrass him? Where's the police?

you are entirely right; your husband is a good dad;
well done to both of you

i find it interesting that you said that your son used to hit you and you thought that was wrong, but you hit your kid. You call that parenting, bu if your son was another adult your hitting him would be ASSAULT!!! In addition, having him bare is disgusting. You could ground him or take away something he likes for a number of days, I think you and your husband need to use other methods . i have spanked my daughter once when she was 5 and over her jeans and with my hand. She didn't cry. I felt so guilty that I intentionally broke my wrist. She then cried. I asked her why after I did that to myself and not when I spanked her. She said it hurt her more seeing me hurt myself. That was almost 8 yrs ago. She has hardly misbehaved since. She is in all honors classes and is involved with many activities including the Church choir. My son is 11 1/2 and doesn't misbehave. I also talk to my kids. Learning is painful enough without inflicting physical pain. A child needs a parent to pat them on the back. wipe away tears, and hugs. They don't need a parent to hit them.

wish u where my mom im 22 and never been spanked

No matter how much you gleefully proclaim that your sexual release *cough* I mean spanking! Woops! isn't wrong, it still is. You're trying to exercise control and you will produce <br />
a) a whimpering, cowering, sobbing, mindless obedient child;<br />
b) an angry moody, defensive child;<br />
or<br />
c) an adult child who is on drugs/won't talk to you/beats you into submission like you did them.

I agree that spanking is OK but be careful...too much spanking becomes counter-productive. I find corner time effective and still use it even with my 11 and 12 year olds but my 4 and 6 year old children most certainly. Warn that the tantrum or whatever has to stop and count 1, 2 and 3. If it doesn't corner time for whatever their age so a 7 year old 7 minutes. If that doesn't work pull his pants down and spank his bottom

i Agree Spanking Works . youngsters need Corrective Therapy to make them better Teenagers Keeping Them out of TROUBLE . i Approve of Love and Discipline its Just Good Parenting . Some Parents are very Stupid and need Discipline ThemSelfs . Good Adults come from Growing up with Strict Parents