I have a question regarding the disciplining of my 10 year old son. I have been using spanking as the punishment for bigger offences since he was a child. Yesterday I gave him a spanking, the first one he has gotten from me in a while. Afterwards I noticed he had an erection. I was so taken back by this and didn't know how to respond. I don't understand how he could have gotten any enjoyment from the spanking. The spanking I gave was quite hard and he was crying quite hard. I decided not to make any comment about his erection. I know that boys his age are going though a lot of changes with their bodies, but I want to know how I should have handled the situation. Should I ignore it in the future or should I confront him? Should I have given him the spanking over again?
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you should be spanked too!

I was growing up...that is why i have respect for other people..which is hard to find in the US anymore!!!

You carry on spanking its a great pity more moms are not like you , then kids might learn some respect for others !

Males of any age get uncontrollable erections. Period, as you say in the US.

At that age his penis might have just re acted. If it happens again. Talk to him about it. Get his thoughts

It's a normal response. Spanking on your buttocks makes blood run into that area and beyond. That's why he had an erection.

I always get an erection when getting spanked as well

Why would you spank him again unless you wanted to see if his reaction would be sexual. His response was very normal as is the same with women. Even though there is pain, erotic response is almost expected. Maybe you even got a little wet or your nipples hardened when you think about it.

ignore it for now

You MUST realise spankings can be very sexual for many people of both sexes and all ages! So act accordingly.
Personally I do not think spanking is good discipline for misdemeanors. Banning a cherished activity such as going out with friends is far more effective.i

ignore it and spanked again if needed he is at that age dont worry. now if he starts acting out causing you to spank him more and more then find something different

If spanking is for punishment, then STOP it. If for sex, then go right ahead! Many males react sexually to be spanked especially by their mother!

it's a sign: stop spanking!!!

i don't think it's an issue and you don't need to talk to him about it, but for the sake of your own understanding of how he could have enjoyed it you may want to consider a couple of factors. i'll put to you two possibilities at extremes of how it could happen. if when you spanked him he was fully dressed and you were also, and if the only contact between you was your hand on the seat of his trousers (plus perhaps such as having hold of the collar of his shirt to prevent him running away or being sent flying by your spanks), the there is every chance he may have been hard because he got a sexual thrill from the spanking, either the pain of it or just the idea of having been a naughty boy. on the other hand if you pulled down his trousers and pants, or he was naked anyway, and if, being as you say in another post that you are often naked around the house, you were naked also, and you put him across your knee to spank him, then since his penis may well have been in contact with your thigh, especially the soft inner part, then the impact from your spanks would have quite likely meant that your thigh was in effect caressing his penis and so that would be understandably the likeliest cause of his erection. obviously there are many variables between these two scenarios but the greater similarity to one or the other situation may be an indication of the probable cause of his penis being erect. as i said i don't think there's any need for concern either way, it's all natural, but analyzing it may help you ascertain what it was about the experience that he enjoyed and got his erection for.

i think it is normal and for you to make an issue of it could cause him to become mental about it... just ignore it and let it go... and spanking him again is not a good thing... i do not believe in spanking unless it is for something very serious...

hello april miss u

Not that uncommon. It happened to us at school when lining up for spankings. We certainly weren't getting turned on by the thought of what was coming!

It's hard for me to belive that a 10 year old get erection when spanked. I have raised a son myself and spanked him too, but never notice any erections before he was 13 - 14 years. Then I just ignored it, and it soon dissapeard when the spankings starts.

i think i would ignore it and spanked again

I do they don't get off that easy..

nbe nice to chat to you

No, never confront him about having an erection, that will make him self conscious and especially around you. And of course you don't punish him for having a natural occurrence of the male body. But don't hide from him either. You need to be as accepting of his changes as you would a daughter. I never spanked my son. Guess I just never had a reason. We stayed too busy for anyone to get in much trouble.

you mean you asked him to ***** down for you to spank him??

This happens to young boys.

yes, ignore his erection, but no, I don't condone spanking or any form of corporal punishment

no its normal, i used to get them all the time when i got spanked at home, if you want advise ask me

Did you get them when your mom spanked you !

yes. at first was different, but something that just would happen, so it was kinda expected, as i got older she had a way for me to get rid of them as a second punishment

I got rid of mine over her knee , as I always ended up *********** over her knee when I got spanked , my mom used to think it was funny and just carried on spanking me , saying boys will be boys !

Good thing she did not get more angry, I got an erection in the bath tube, mom saw and quickly left the room and told me to wash myself from now on, and she was angry, I felt ashamed of my body.

Don't know why you felt ashamed , your mom has seen it all before , thought you were going to say she gave you a spanking for getting one !

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Not to worry about this with regular spanking the excitement will wear off

Having been through that, its better to just ignore it. Boys that age get and erection if the wind blows just right. Its not that he is enjoying it, it could be the embarrassment. As soon as I was told to remove my undies or they were pulled down for a spanking, I had an erection and hoped it was not noticed. I hope that helps. Thanks for writing.

You did the right thing by ignoring it. Its a natural (perhaps involuntary) response to spankings. Even when they really hurt.

I wouldn't confront him about his erection. He is 10 and its natural for a boy to get them. If you confront him you may embarrass him or worse, make him feel he is dirty by getting them. He is at a pivotal stage and the last thing he needs is to be admonished for getting an erection.

completely normal, way I see it is if a grown man (or woman) can get off on being spanked it is normal for some kids to be aroused by it as well

You are right to what you say about spanking adult

I agree, as an adult who lives in a 24/7 female-led DD relationship and is spanked for discipline.

It's Normal.

don t worry …it is absolutely normal…i always got hard during spanking

Time to stop spanking. Boys do not need it past 10.

I do not feel there is any certain age to stop. People are different, some children do not need spankings at an early age while others continue to need discipline for some time. A parent should be able to realize when their child is no longer in need of discipline spankings.

April, I think that you can see from some of these answers that the real question in not his erection; but it is do you want him to grow up with a spanking fetish. With a spanking fetish, spanking may become his preferred way to achieve ******. There are other ways to correct him. If I were you I would use them.

I like your comment and I like elena39 comment