I have a question regarding the disciplining of my 10 year old son. I have been using spanking as the punishment for bigger offences since he was a child. Yesterday I gave him a spanking, the first one he has gotten from me in a while. Afterwards I noticed he had an erection. I was so taken back by this and didn't know how to respond. I don't understand how he could have gotten any enjoyment from the spanking. The spanking I gave was quite hard and he was crying quite hard. I decided not to make any comment about his erection. I know that boys his age are going though a lot of changes with their bodies, but I want to know how I should have handled the situation. Should I ignore it in the future or should I confront him? Should I have given him the spanking over again?
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Punish him for having an autonomic response (one he cant control, same as his heart beat)? That would be horrible.
He had an emotional reaction to the spanking, which is quite normal. Had he flopped on the bed and started whacking it that would be one thing, but getting an erection after an emotional event when he is surging with testosterone...nothing to worry about. Sorry you had to spank him...I hate getting that upset with my son.

no its normal, i used to get them all the time when i got spanked at home, if you want advise ask me

Did you get them when your mom spanked you !

yes. at first was different, but something that just would happen, so it was kinda expected, as i got older she had a way for me to get rid of them as a second punishment

I got rid of mine over her knee , as I always ended up *********** over her knee when I got spanked , my mom used to think it was funny and just carried on spanking me , saying boys will be boys !

Not to worry about this with regular spanking the excitement will wear off

Having been through that, its better to just ignore it. Boys that age get and erection if the wind blows just right. Its not that he is enjoying it, it could be the embarrassment. As soon as I was told to remove my undies or they were pulled down for a spanking, I had an erection and hoped it was not noticed. I hope that helps. Thanks for writing.

You will embarrassed him terribly if you mention the erection to him. Those things just pop up with little reason at that age.

My son was the same at 12. He got a little hard it was my fault so I never gave him a bare bottom one again.

You did the right thing by ignoring it. Its a natural (perhaps involuntary) response to spankings. Even when they really hurt.

I wouldn't confront him about his erection. He is 10 and its natural for a boy to get them. If you confront him you may embarrass him or worse, make him feel he is dirty by getting them. He is at a pivotal stage and the last thing he needs is to be admonished for getting an erection.

completely normal, way I see it is if a grown man (or woman) can get off on being spanked it is normal for some kids to be aroused by it as well

You are right to what you say about spanking adult

I agree, as an adult who lives in a 24/7 female-led DD relationship and is spanked for discipline.

It's Normal.

don t worry …it is absolutely normal…i always got hard during spanking

Time to stop spanking. Boys do not need it past 10.

I do not feel there is any certain age to stop. People are different, some children do not need spankings at an early age while others continue to need discipline for some time. A parent should be able to realize when their child is no longer in need of discipline spankings.

Don't bring it up or confront him about it. He will be very embarrassed. And do not spank him for having an erection... that will totally associate the two in him and could cause some pretty major hangups down the road.

You are quite right , this how I got my spanking fetish , I got spanked extra hard for getting an erection , and I still got spanked well into my late teens and I still like getting spanked I wonder why !

April, I think that you can see from some of these answers that the real question in not his erection; but it is do you want him to grow up with a spanking fetish. With a spanking fetish, spanking may become his preferred way to achieve ******. There are other ways to correct him. If I were you I would use them.

Glad to see someone brought his brain along...

I like your comment and I like elena39 comment

Dear April
I hope only he is still tight and complete circumcised. Soon get the time start of terrible, excessive ************ by him.
I know that really well. Sometimes is spanking hard necessary, but I would prefer other methods more. Par example clothing with uncomfortable pants and so on. Better is a psychological punish who they learn the right behavior.
Regards Elena

It is hard to answer this question without more info.

from this point i would spank with his pants or underwear still on him

Ignore it its perfectly natural and to be expected hormones and nerves

As you said, he is growing up and going through changes. The one you need to think about is spanking. It may not have the desire outcome as you thought.

Beautiful Story. It is hard to keep from happening. I still get them for no special reason !!

I am impressed with the overall quality of answers to this question. Of course you have some guys that want attention, but most of the ansewrs have been thoughtful. The nerve endings in the behind do run through the pelvis and wind up arousing both genders. Most females can ****** while being spanked. Many girls have told me that they often provoked spankings because they were so satisfying. That shocked me,but I am not sure why. Do keep the spankings as part of the discipline for a while longer. I believe spankings should be replaced when puberty takes hold, for both genders.

I was regularly spanked upto 17. Nothing worked better on me.

It happened to me as a young lad, and as it was at school and not bare bottom CP, it was livable with! Happy to advise/discuss privately in a responsible way as a prospanking but sane dad

Best to ignore it. He, and probably you, would be embarrassed.

ignore it, keep spanking him, I would not worry about the erection as his hormones are talking to him big time

Erections during spankings are normal for growing boys

I bet he loves it when you tell him he is in for a spanking I know I would ! Ma'am'


I have an erection just reading this.

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oh....i also wish to get spanking session from you

As long as you have always used spanking for discipline, I would continue. Ignore the erection and do not spank him for getting erect.