Night Trouble In My House

i am a mother , i have 7 children and they get spanked for mis-behaving either by me or my husband.
My childern are Luke (13) Charlotte (11) Caden (9) Elijah (7) Penelope & Evelyn (2) and Eva (1 month).

Yesterday Luke (13) and Caden (9) were watching telly when i asked Caden to go and brush his teeth so Caden decide to take the remote with him, anyway Luke wanted the remote but Caden wouldn't give it to him. They were fighting until Blake (my husband) yell at Luke to quit it and that if he continued he would belt his hind until it was as red as a beetroot. So luke slumped off down the passage. Luke saw his moment when Blake went into the kitchen he picked up Elijah's (7) orange dump truck and picked it up and threw it at Cadens face. Caden fell to the ground screaming with blood trickleing down his face, Blake and i came running. Blake grabbed Luke by the hand and yelled at him to get to his room. Blake and i tended to Caden, his nose was bleeding with a big cut down it and had a crack in his skull, he also had a massive egg. I had him sitting down on the kitchen chair while i phoned for an ambulance, they said hold on and they would be there in half an hour.

Blake went upstairs and you could hear Luke begging him not to use his belt, but it was final. Blake gave him whips plus for him begging at him. Luke was made to sit in time out for 15 minutes and take his punishment, the ambulance came and i went in it with Eva and Caden.

Caden got 10 stiches in total and a major concussion. Luke got a sore bum for 3 days.

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5 Responses Sep 8, 2012

ohmigosh is caden okay? If I were you I would spank and ground Luke.

Question: Why didn't one of you (parents) take the injured child to hospital by car, which would have been much faster and wouldn't have wasted taxpayer's money...

One of your children will end up hating you. Been there, done that.

Or maybe all of them...

Well done to you both for raising your 7 the right way and from the ages of your kids you are going to be busy with them for many years to come...keep up the good work

Its great to see that your husband and you are strict with your children and spank them when needed. Just a couple of questions if I may ask. Do you spank them also? Are they spanked over your knee and do you spank on top of their pants? Were you and your husband spanked growing up?