Even Daddys Girl Gets It.

Me and My husband Blake have had 7 children together and we are having another child. Any way this story is about my daughter Charlotte Keelan (11)

Blake and I got called into Charlottes and Lukes school for a meeting with Charlottes Teacher about a fight that she had with another girl in her class Chelsea, We had this meeting and took Charlotte home with us. Blake pointed to the stairs and told her to go to her bedroom becasue he was very disapointed with her. Blake and i sat down and had a talk and decided her punishment.
We went back and had a chat with her. Then my husband told her that she was going to be spanked. She started to cry and whine to get her way out but that wasn't happening, not this time.

Blake told her to take her pants and panties off. He took of his belt and sat down. He then pulled charlotte onto his lap. He gave her 20-25 spanks with his hand (this was enough to make her cry.) Then he picked up the belt and gave her 10-15 spanks with the belt. She was told to go and stand in the corner and wait there for 10 minutes. After the time was up Blake went back up and gave her a huge cuddle and kiss. He then went back to work. About 20 minutes later Charlotte, Penelope, Evelyn, eva and I went to pick up Elijah, Luke and Caden up from School.
Charlotte was susspened from scholl for the rest of the week (2 days), during this time she had no privledges eg Computer, Telly, Ipod, Ipad Game Consolts and cellphone.

Thank you for reading
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Who started the fight? Did Chelsea get kicked out of school? A little unfair ! If Charollet started it, yes give it to her good! I know the school systems here in the USA, maybe Chelsea's parents are somebody the teacher is afraid of. I hope you looked into everything. My twin boys were always fighting with each other! They got their a$$ spanked! I started the belt after age 9 or 10

IQplusfun, thank you for sharing this, I had trouble believing her story. I still feel spanking is wrong. Feel free to email me, God bless

How old are you? You have 7 kids and are expecting 1 more/ Wow. I don't think spanking is the right way to teach kids right from wrong. i only spanked my daughter once when she was 5, That was over her jeans and with my hand. She didn't cry. I then intentionally broke my wrist. She saw this and then cried. i asked her why she cried then, She said it upset her to see me hurt myself. That was almost 8 yrs ago. She hardly misbehaves. I talk to my kids and ground them, or take away something they like for a period of time. I have never and never will spank my son. You spanked your daughter for fighting. Hitting her for hitting someone else. Funny, this is she got in trouble and not you. (Not) If you did this to another adult it would be considered ASSAULT!!! You call this discipline, punishment, parenting. it isn't any of these things. i know you hugged her afterwards. This is the only thing other than grounding her you did correctly. How old are your kids?

I'm not sure, whether you are aware, that this and quite a few extreme other stories about spanking their children, was originally written by 'mamalovesherfamily'. She claimed to have 7 children, the youngest being 1 month old and she pretended to be in an advanced pregnancy with the next one, whose gender she already knew. Sorry, but this would be a medical miracle...! I questioned her about this and the fact why she doesn't post any positive stories about her children instead of only frighteningly excessive spanking tales, and never got an answer. I suspect that the whole scenario was either a brainchild of her imagination, or something so scary that she wants to hide it now from being discovered by the authorities. If these spankings (especially of her younger children being 2 years old) are a reality, I feel somehow guilty of not being able to help these kids.

What I miss in this story is the fact, that we never got to know, why your daughter got into a fight. Maybe it wasn't her fault, maybe she was bullied and defended herself... A fight doesn't mean she is a naughty child and deserves to be beaten with a belt! In my opinion your children are punished way too severely (I read a few other stories of yours) and have an inkling that you didn't send your daughter back to school that week, so that nobody would find out about her injuries from the cruel spanking. I know, that I will get an uproar of comments from the pro spanking community, but there is a difference between a slap over the wrist or a traumatic spanking with a belt. <br />
Up to which age do you plan to pull down your children's underwear and severely spank them on their private parts?

They spanked her on her butt not her kitty. The child id misbehaving not there jeans spankings should be givin on the bare.

Once again I say its great your husband and you are parenting instead of just being their friends. As for as BigBearLovers comments, disreard him. He has no idea what he id talking about. He is probably a MAMAS boy.

I believe that both yoiu and your husband should be arrested for child abuse. I wonder if your husband would like to be beaten by a real man and you beaten for being a sub human mother.

Sorry little boy you are so wrong. FDirst the man should NEVER have a pre pubesent girl take her clothes off to be beaten by both a mans hand and a belt 40 times and then the additional punishment besides. I am more then twice your age with Children and grandchildrenall of which have never been beaten like this little 11 year old girl was. Yes they were and are diciplened and even spanked BUT NEVER BEATEN LIKE THIS GIRL. So if you don't likemy methods (my three kids are all College graduates and never in any trouble. And no Beatings

It was nothing more than a spanking its not like they starved her or put her in a cage. She was spanked and she should of been maybe you need a spanking yourself..

Well done...a good spanking which got to the point quickly without going OTT

Finally parents who are parents to their children and not just friends. Congatulations. I have no doubt that your children will grow up to be very respectful and successful adults.