Spanked 13 Year Old

I am a 33 year old single mother to 13 year old Skye and 11 year old Emily and there is a lot of spankings in my house! Yesterday i was working all day until about 7 at night so the girls had been at my mums house, when i went to pick them up i knew instantly something was up. I told told them both to get in the car immediately. My mum was looking very flustered as she told me how skye had been very rude and had called her a "old cow" just because my mum asked her to wash her dishes! This does not happen at home because she knows it wouldn't be tolerated, i assured my mum she would be dealt with severely. I got in the car and skye was sitting in the passenger seat and i told her she was in a lot of trouble to which replied "whatever" she had a skirt on so i gave her a few spanks on her thigh and started driving home. When we got in, i told her to go up to her room and i would be there in 5 minutes. I went up to a sobbing 13 year old begging me not to spank her, i told her to get up and took her place and told her to remove her jeans to which she refused, so i grabbed her and pulled down her jeans and pulled her over my knee and pulled down her panties to her ankles and tucked her top into her bra and started spanking her *** and it slowly went from being white to bright red.. i told her to get up and to go stand in the corner with her hands on her head and i went to my room and got an old leather belt and went back to skye's room and sat back on her bed and called her over and she stood in front of me while i told her that the previous spanking was for being rude to me in the car by saying "whatever" and this spanking was for swearing and being rude to her gran, by this time she was begging me to not spank her and that she was so sorry but i simply pulled her back over and folded the belt in 2 and spanked her 20 times and pulled her back up and cuddled her and told her i loved her but recently she was becoming very rude and i had to deal with it, so i have a very sore 13 year old, heres hoping Emily Wong have a sore bottom as well!
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For calling her an old cow!! My dad would only have given me 9 most, of course that's all he needed to before I was an emotional wreck.

Good mom. I think you did the right thing, and I would have done the same if my daughters have been rude to my mom too.

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Spankings one thing, to beat her with a belt and touch her baked body forcibly removing her clothes is not!! And humiliation is never ok!

Your daughter deserved ever swat she got from your hand and the belt on her bare butt. Very good job punishing your daughter for her very bad behavior.

If it's all fantasy that is *your business*, but if it's reality you are sexually abusing children -- and you know who you are.

If you are "for real" this is child abuse, and sexual perversion.

Two suggestions: take it to the appropriate message board or seek help.

Have a nice day! :)

Eew you spanked on her BARE BOTTOM!Thats disgusting.

She did wrong but in my opinion there's MUCH better ways to resolve these problems than violence. She's becoming rude with you because she's starting to dislike you, human nature is that when something causes pain you stay away from it, therefore she's starting to really disle you for beating her like that. Better options: if she has a boyfriend stop them from lacking for a week or two, take away her phone and electronics, ect.

I think you did a wonderful thing by teaching your daughter that rudeness would not be tolerated. She should show you and her grandmother the respect you both have earned. I think you are doing great things for both your daughters, the cuddling afterward helps her to know she is loved, even when she misbehaves.

Beating a teenager (especially bare-bottomed) with a belt has nothing to do with love. It's a sick, sexual, perversion.

Yes the belt works every time. Skye and emily sure will learn their lesson with a very red backside. At age 13 their should be other spanking like a hard hairbrush. She will respect the harder spanking. She will be a good girl, so you hope.

Very good! I probably would have given her 30 spanks instead of just 20 with the belt, and I also would have definitely also given her a soapsuds enema afterwards. I believe naughty girls are also constipated girls!

Well done! I only have a six and one year old and I only spank the six year old (for obvious reasons I don't spank my youngest!) and I hope wh she is the same age I will spank her if she says similar things.

Excellent - this is what unruly, non-respecting children need and I'm pleased you also used the belt as she'll think twice from now on. My parents had a cane and it was used n occasions. But just knowing it was there or being threatened with it was enough.

I have spanked boys in similar circumstances, no nonsense over the knee and hard. Paul


does skye have any hair on her p*ssy???

Keep on spankinv mom they need it good job spnkbooty

Well mom I give u 2 thumbs up for spanking your daughters,teen years r very trying on one,s patience,n u being a single mom could of not done that.But u show that u love them by spanking them! Keep spanking mom ! N dont believe that nonsense that if u spank your kids it teaches them to hit bs I grew up getting spanked n im fine Spnkbooty