4 Naughty Girls Get Spanked

3 little 11 year-old girls stood outside of the smallish woodshed with their little white panties around their ankles. Their heads were hung, and they were fidgeting in place because inside the woodshed there was a lot of hollering and screaming going on. Every 10 seconds or so there was a loud CRACK!!!, like a gunshot blast, emanating from inside the shed. Immediately following each CRACK!!! was a high-pitched howl that, without stopping, transformed into one long Owwwwwwwiiiiieeeee!!! The howling had become non-stop at this point, as inside the shed their little friend, Annie, also 11, was getting a good sound bare bottom spanking while draped over Mr. Peterson's knee.

A group of mothers who, for various reasons no longer had husbands, had requested that their Pastor, Father Kern, of St. Francis Church, the only church in the little rural farming community that preached the Catholic faith, to designate someone from the congregation who could help them with disciplining their children. They wanted a man with good moral standards who had experience with disciplining children the way the Bible demanded, so after a few weeks, Father Kern chose Mr. Peterson, a man who had raised 4 children, boys and girls, to help the mothers with their children.

After church, every Sunday, any mother who needed to have one of her children disciplined could bring her child, or children, boys or girls, to the community room in the basement of the church. Mr. Peterson would make a brief statement about how his role in the church was simply to carry out the wishes of the children's mothers, and that he was going to give each of the children in that room a good sound spanking on their bare naked bottoms! He had no emotional attachment to the discipline whatsoever. For him, it was just a task to do, and do well.

He always gave his usual lecture about the inappropriate behavior of children, and how his own children had benefitted from memorable and frequent spankings; spanking that were always administered on the child's bare naked behind, always with a no-nonsense wooden paddle, and always while he sat on a wooden milking stool that he had taken from the barn. He believed that over-the-knee spankings were best for children. He could hold the child tightly in place over his knee, get good bearings on the child's offered-up bare bottom, and he could apply the wooden spanking paddle for as long, and as hard as he wanted to.

Mr. Peterson always spanked the girls first. He'd leave the boys sitting down in the basement, along with their mothers who were required to be present during the disciplinary sessions, while he marched the girls, and their mothers, up out of the basement and across the backyard of the church to the church's woodshed. At the woodshed, Mr. Peterson would go inside the shed, leaving the girls and their mothers outside. The mothers were required to line the girls up according to who should go first, usually youngest to oldest, and ***** their daughters' panties down to their ankles, or off altogether. Mr. Peterson expected the children that he agreed to spank to be bare when he bent them over his knee.

This day, Mr. Peterson had already started dealing with the first girl when the typical group of curious children gathered around the side of the church, and started peeking around the corner to see who was getting it today. Some Sundays, no one got spanked, sometimes a handful of naughty kids were spanked, and sometimes there was a dozen or more bare butts lined up outside of the woodshed waiting to be beaten red raw. Mr. Peterson didn't mess around. Mr. Peterson was dealing with the four 11 year-old girls, all best friends, as if they were his own girls. Earlier in the week, the girls had worked together and attempted a con-game with the clerk at John's Candy Store. All 4 of them were caught red-handed stealing pockets full of candy. Their misbehavior was purposeful, hurtful, and embarrassing for the mothers of these girls. In other words, the mothers of these little brats wanted revenge, and they wanted Mr. Peterson to dole it out... long and hard!

The 3 girls still standing in line, panties at their ankles, were sobbing silently and too ashamed to look up. They knew everyone was watching, and despite the fact that their dresses hung down in front, covering their little front parts, the backs of their dresses had been lifted up and pinned high on their backs, leaving everything from the small of their backs downward buck naked for everyone to see. The girls were trying to keep their backs to the outside wall of the woodshed so no one would see their bare butts, but as the CRACKS and HOWLS went on and on, the girls would twist in place, and anyone watching would get a good view of their bare little 11 year-old butts, butts that were about to spanked red as tomatoes, possibly even bruised, and definitely sore as hell.


"NNNOOOOOOOOO, noooooooooooo, nooooooooooooo, noooooo moreeeee, p p p plea plea plea sssssseeeeee, NOOO MORE!! PLEasseeeeee!! OW OW OW OW owwwwwiiieeeeeee, no mo r r r r pleeaaasseeeeee"!


OOOOOOwwwwwwwwwwwwwww OOOOOOwwwwwwwwwwww Oooowwwwwwwwwww oh oh oh p p p lease, please, please, please, please, please, no more, please NO MORE!!! Owwwwwwwwwwwwww.......... ouch ouch ouch owwwww ow ow ow ow".



Annie had been sentenced to 22 swats, twice her age, and Mr. Peterson was making sure she felt each one! He, and the girl's mother wanted Annie's naked little buns to burn, and burn red hot.... and to STING to the Lord Almighty. Mr. Peterson SWATTED away, admiring the girl's cute little butt, and admiring what he was doing to it. Contrasting with the rest of Annie's white skin, her little butt was beet red, and heat was pouring off of it. Each little cheek had a large bullseye that was probably going to turn into a bruise tomorrow, but at the moment was glowing red-hot, and clearly stung like mad every time Mr. Peterson laid the paddle across it. Mr. Peterson didn't care that Annie was bellowing out after every SWAT, or that she was kicking her legs like crazy, or that her little bare butt was getting sorer, and sorer all the time.

When swat 22 came around, Mr. Peterson took a pause. He held the crying, blubbering, more or less naked little girl over his knee, and he stared down at her upturned bright red butt, clearly stinging like hell. He let her cry. He let her get the guilty feeling out, and he lectured her on what was expected of her in the future and what would happen if she chose to misbehave again.

After a minute or so, Mr. Peterson lightly tapped Annie's bare bottom a few times with the wooden paddle, and told her that he was almost finished.

"You're a smart girl, Annie. Everyone loves you, especially your mother. You are going to grow up to be a beautiful, intelligent, caring mother yourself someday. Your mother and I just want the best for you. We care about you. God cares about you, and that's why, when you misbehave, you need to get a good hard spanking. I think of you as one of my own, Annie".

Then, as hard as he could, he spanked Annie one last time. The CRACK could be heard a mile away, and Annie's vocal response could be too.

Annie burst out the woodshed door. Her face was red, and tears streamed down her face. Her nose was running, and her eyes were wide as saucers. Her mouth was agape as she roared. Her hands were glued to her bare butt, and she didn't care that she was putting on a show for everyone, dancing and jumping all over the backyard, rubbing, and rubbing, and rubbing her bare butt. Mr. Peterson had spanked her, and SPANKED her good. Her buns, so soft and tender, burned and STUNG like she just sat on the red-hot coils of a stove top, and if she screamed and danced for 20 minutes, she simply didn't care at the moment.

The girls still in line looked at Annie with wide eyes, and mouths open, and suddenly their bare butts felt even more bare.

Sadly for the remaining 3 girls, the request to send in the next girl came all to quick.

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wow this story is absolutely amazing and one of the best I've ever heard, I'd LOVE to hear more about this church and more about the other 3 girls who got their butts busted that day please?

Nice story. Personally, I never liked the idea of switches, woodsheds, belts, etc. It all seemed very brutal and unnecessary to me. But standing tall with panties at the ankles, the intense blushing, drawn over a knee - that's just delicious. Keep in mind, i was never spanked for real. Not as a punishment that is. So i never felt the pain or sorrow. In my head, I only could imagine it as something wonderful, and loving, and something that stung but didnt scar or leave marks. Thanks for sharing.

i had spank my two girls all the way though teen years bare bottom they got paddle or belt depends on what they did an when done spanking dance an corner time
there bright red hot sore bottoms sticking out for half hour

Thank you. Sounds like more than just a job. Work that hits a spot; over and over again! LOL