Alison's Worst Spanking Yet

yes of course we have slapped Alison on the hand or butt or whatever but i remember when we spanked her real bad. the time at age 10 here it is...
"Alison, Katherine's mom wants 2 know if Katherine can spend the night." "Heck no, Katherine is a jerk!!!!" I took her hairbrush and slapped her bum. "Don't say that!" Then she starts cussing and calling poor katherine names. I slapped her and told her she was getting her bottom bad when her daddy gets home. She started crying. She thought i had forgotten bout it cuz she waz cheerful at dinner. We live in a mansion with an intercom system so i called her into our room. She looked so scared. I hugged her and said "sweetie, ur butt will prob hurt, but u deserved it. luckily its not ur legs or face" So Alison was scared right so we were gentle and didnt yank her panties down... My hus waz like "ali, take panties off and sit on our bed." She did. Then we had a talk with her about why her butt will be red. She lied face down on abunch of pillows while my hus took his belt off. "its okay, al!" he said and reached under her and lifted her butt up and spanked her butt red for 8 min. Then he switched to my wood hairbrush and got her thighs all toasty. Then he wanted me to do it with my hand so i did. Then we put her on my hus lap. And he held her. She cried and cried ... The next day she didnt do anythin rong but she waz DANG!( excuse the language) mad at us. My hus waz so mad he said, " ALISON MARGARET!!!!" and she waz mad 4 the next 2 days. And her legs and butt were sore which taught her never to call anyone a name.
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You went to far, that spanking was abuseive.

hmmmmmmmm very interesting

um ok...


all righty then..

Sounds like she deserved it .

totally did!