About Me

hi im anna im new to this and 7 years ago i started dating this widowed single father (his wife died giving birth to their daughter) after about a year we moved in together 2 weeks before his daughters 1st birthday . 1 month after we moved in together i adopted his daughter . 2 years later we welcomed a son we got married a year later . we found out i was pregnant on our 2nd annivarsary then we welcomed twins . on carleigh 6 th birthday we welcomed a daughter and 4 weeks ago we welcomed our final child a son .

carleigh now 7 - carleigh can be nice and sweet but most of the time shes a cheeky monkey 

Jasper now 5 - jasper is sweet and innosent he loves his brothers and sisters

vanessa now 3 - vanessa wants to be just like carleigh but she has a innosent side too she is funny

felix now 3 - felix is energetic ,loves to play and adores his brothers and sisters 

lilibeth now 1 - lilibeth laughs alot and looks up to her sisters

miles now 4 weeks - miles we dont quite know yet but hes like lilibeth laughs alot and looks up to his brothers and sisters 

for discipline me and christopher sometimes spank but most of the time its a timeout . we start spanking at about 3 - 14 . we pop there hands too at about 1 - 5 . carleigh and felix are the two children we have to discipline most . but i love all 6 of our children .
annaloveschristopherandthegang annaloveschristopherandthegang
26-30, F
Dec 8, 2012