Red Bottomed 12 Year Old Crying Herself To Sleep

My middle daughter has had a real attitude problem the last few days. Several warnings seemed to fall on deaf ears.

This evening, when I told her it was time to go to bed, she began arguing with me (despite always going to bed a 9:30 on school nights...) and that was, finally, the last straw.

I took her gently by her chin and told her that she had just earned the right to stay up a few minutes late, while we discuss her attitude. I then told her she needed to go get me her hairbrush. She started to tear up and apologize, but I sent her on her way with two good hand smacks to the seat of her pajamas.

When she got back, I took her pjs down, turned her across my knee, and tanned her bare behind. After about 2 minutes, I gave her a final 10 smacks right at the spot where her butt meets her thighs. I gave her a minute or so to compose herself, then I asked her softly if she was ready to be a good girl and do what she was told, without giving me attitude. She said yes, so I sat her on her feet, gave her a big hug, told her I loved her, and sent her to bed with a couple more firm hand smacks on her hot backside.
MichelleAnneWaters MichelleAnneWaters
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Congratulations, for being a parent who is not afraid to spank their child when they need one. To many parents are afraid to discipline their child because they do not want to hurt their feelings. The parent wants to be good friends with their child instead of their parent.

Thank you

You said it right on.!!!!